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The Art of Calm Experience for 2016

The Art of Calm Experience brings together two key approaches for optimal health and wellbeing. The two approaches are meditation (in the form of Mind Calm or Body Calm) along with eating food that mind and body can ultimately agree on.

Individually each of the approaches has much to offer and can effect remarkable change, but if recent life experience has felt like walking backwards up a downward moving escalator, then rectifying just one of these may not be enough to get life really flowing again.

A one-stop, quick-fix response to health has its appeal, but equally it has its limitations. As we learn the extent to which stress impacts on the physical body, and that conditions in the gut impact significantly on mental states, we start to realise that we are complex beings needing to experience harmony in more than just one area of our lives.

The Art of Calm Experience is an acknowledgment of this need for harmony. May the coming year be a year that furthers the quest for both inner and outer harmony, and may true peace be individually and universally more prevalent in 2016.

~ Annette & Graham