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Art Of Calm Class Series


….weekly Art of Calm Classes

We are delighted to present our new Art of Calm Class SeriesThis is a five week course of 90 minute Body Calm classes for a minimum of two and up to three people at our York base and is designed for anyone for whom weekends are unavailable, or for those who prefer the momentum of learning over the course of a few weeks rather than taking everything on board in one day. The program can also be extended by three weeks (making it an 8 week course) to include Mind Calm for the full CALM experience. The classes will be available on selected weekday mornings or weekday afternoons, depending on what works best for those who have registered an interest. Morning classes will begin at 11.00am, afternoon classes will start at 2.00pm. By arranging classes either before or after lunchtime, we can also provide an optional lunch in addition to the class on one, more or all five of the days of the classes.

The price of the five week course is £75, and is payable in advance. If opting for the full 8 week CALM experience, the additional cost is £45, making the total for the program £120 per person. Included in the price, whether for the 5 week or the 8 week course is an optional follow-up by email of 4 weeks with Calm Coach Annette Henry, the aim of which is to help maintain progress and deal with any challenges that may arise once the 5 weeks of classes has ended. Attendance at one of these courses will mean that a participant can return free of charge (spaces permitting) to repeat any classes missed (we hope that anyone booking onto one of these courses will commit to the full five weeks, but equally we know that unexpected events and illnesses do occur and there may be unforeseen absences), or a participant may simply attend the entire course again, or a full-day workshop where there are spaces available for no additional charge. 

The price of an optional lunch is £10 per person (payment can be made on the day, pre-booking of at least 3 days is required so that we can make necessary arrangements). The food we provide is plant-based, living food thus making it suitable for anyone choosing or needing to avoid any animal products (meat, dairy, eggs) as well as being free of any gluten. Please click here for more information about the food we prioritise and why.

We will be launching the Art of Calm Class Series in May, however, if anyone is interested and would like to begin before May, we would be happy to discuss it!

Body Calm

Body Calm is well and truly underway with three events in January: a workshop at the Yorkshire Holistic Therapy Centre, another at K2 Development in Solihull, and a class including lunch at our York base. All were enthusiastically received and participants are already making use of the optional follow-up. Please see our Calendar and Events page for more workshops, Art of Calm Experience classes and other events between now and the spring.

Body Calm ... 8 Hidden Causes of Stress, Quick Start Cures, The Meditation Technique, The Embodying Exercise & the Directories
Body Calm … 8 Hidden Causes of Stress, Quick Start Cures, The Meditation Technique, The Embodying Exercise & the Directories

“I was delighted with the  Workshop.  Annette has a lovely, honest and straightforward teaching style. The group seemed very relaxed and happy to offer comments at appropriate times.  I feel this first workshop was a great launch for what I hope will be an ongoing event at the Centre.” ~ Bernadette Bennison, Owner of Yorkshire Holistic Therapy Centre