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Meditation, Raw Food & York Press

Do you tend to think of meditation as a remedial intervention, something that may have a favourable impact on poor sleep, low mood, anxiety, chronic stress or even physical illness? It has indeed been shown to significantly benefit countless people, and that’s something to celebrate. But maybe it’s equally relevant to put the emphasis on the life-enhancing qualities of becoming more consciously aware, letting the ruminations of the head subside so as to really experience whatever the present moment is unveiling, and in doing so to have the space to be happy irrespective of circumstances, to be creative, and to explore our full potential. The latter is the among the reasons that ‘mind coaching’ of one sort or another is becoming increasingly sought after amongst sportsmen and women, to give themselves the best chance of experiencing their sporting potential. Could this be relevant to all of us? We believe it is. We would suggest, too, that genuine happiness is somewhat contagious and our world could benefit from more of it just now. We know (including from personal experience!) that learning meditation is sometimes met with reluctance for all sorts of reasons, and this is why we’ve decided to present a short class around calming the mind as both an introduction to meditation and to present techniques to use straight away. The class is at Breathing Space in Harrogate on Saturday 25th Feb and is just 90 minutes .. long enough we hope for you to determine if this is something you might want to make part of your life, but not so long to make it a challenging commitment. There’s more about it here.

And just a few words about food. We like to approach food from the perspective of enjoyment, so we are currently running short classes with a 3 course raw lunch all about the Power of Natural Food. The next one of these is on Saturday February 18th at our Derwenthorpe base in York. Do get in touch if this is something you would like to try. There’s more here.

Finally, there’s an article about us in York Press. The interview was conducted by Maxine Gordon over lunch at our house and we feel well represented by what she’s written. This is the link to the online version.

New Year, New Calm Consultations!

It seems to have been a long time coming, but we’re finally putting together all of our ‘parts’, in other words, all that we’ve learnt and implemented both formally and through direct, personal experience, the latter over many years. Alongside the launch of the Art of Calm Detoxing program starting in Harrogate at the end of this month, we are also getting something off the ground that has already been happening in a somewhat ad hoc manner. This is the Calm Consultation.

We know from the multiple queries we get that concerns about health and happiness are a part of many lives, and that conventional routes to resolving them may have proven unhelpful or may not even have been a consideration.  A Calm Consultation is about listening and discussing possible routes to wellness and increased happiness. Some of the matters raised with us are not complex and all that’s required is some direction and suggestions. It isn’t unusual, for example, for us to be asked for suggestions on removing dairy from the diet and ideas about what to use instead. We would anticipate that a Calm Consultation of 45 minutes could easily be sufficient in such a case. However, there are other matters, in which, for example, stress has likely played a role in impacting on health or happiness, meaning there is more to unravel. In cases such as these, we would recommend additional consultations so that, with the client, we can jointly work to alleviate such contributing factors. We have drawn up a list of questions on our ‘Health & Happiness Check‘ based on matters that have arisen in classes, workshops and one-to-one sessions. These may help to show the range of issues which could be addressed in a  Calm Consultation / Consultations

We wanted to make the price of the initial consultation affordable, but at the same time reflect the value that we hope to provide in setting a client on their path towards healing and happiness. This initial (and in some cases only) consultation is priced at £25 for 45 minutes. Any subsequent consultations are 90 minutes long and are priced at £50 (with the option to use the initial £25 as part payment for the first of these). There is more on the Calm Consultation page of this website, but as always, we would be very happy to answer any enquiries. Please get in touch!

If you’d like to hear Graham’s interview about the Art of Calm Detoxing with BCB Radio in Bradford, this is the program link, and the interview is 15 minutes into the hour.