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For The Love Of Food As Medicine

Have you been watching the BBC 1 series of Doctor In The House on Monday evenings? GP Rangan Chattergee spends time in the homes of those seeking his help to try and better understand the factors leading to their health issues, and he looks at multiple approaches to resolving them, mostly through lifestyle changes. Watching it has prompted us to recall the range of chronic conditions we’ve experienced in the last few decades and which we no longer have. We reckon that between us the list numbers 11 such conditions and here they are, in alphabetical order:

Acid Reflux



Blood Pressure (high)

Candida Overgrowth

Cholesterol (raised)

Depression (mild)


Hay Fever


Weight gain

Perhaps not surprisingly, we resorted to prescription and over-the-counter medicines for many of these and to surgery for one of them. None of them worked. Yes, they eased symptoms but nothing ever resolved them, so they persisted or recurred. But they have now ‘gone’ and we have very good reason to believe that it has pretty much everything to do with the way we live; specifically an emphasis on natural food and greater awareness (meditation). It is the former that is the feature of The Power of Natural Food Class Series starting on June 10th, and we’re really keen to share, not just what we’ve learnt, but maybe even more importantly our excitement and insights to inspire others to also develop a love for natural food.

Class 1 ~ Herbs & Spices  on June 10th looked at the range of chronic conditions that many people experience and which can often be at least improved by eating more natural foods. Herbs and spices have been used medicinally as well as in food for centuries and this class is a reminder of just how spectacular they are!

Class 2 ~ Nuts & Seeds on June 17th Annette talked in a little more detail about the very widespread condition endometriosis and how food reversed it for her when surgery and synthetic hormone treatments failed to do so. We also presented an overview of seed sprouting; one of the best and easiest ways of eating fresh powerhouses of nutrition direct from your own kitchen!

Class 3 ~ Fruits & Vegetables on June 24th will emphasize the knock-on results to Graham’s health that weight-gain implied until he was able to ‘eat his way’ to, not just better health, but good health and a natural weight. We will also talk in this class about the exciting and emerging area of the microbiome and the astounding and varied impacts on our health depending on the balance of bacteria in our gut, as well as how to both eat more of them, and feed what we already have! 

If you would like to join us, each class is £12.  We will bring samples so that you can try some of the ingredients we’ll be talking about, in combinations which may be new to you. Please get in touch if you’re interested; we’d love to hear from you!

The Calendar and Events page has details of this and other classes.

Natural Food – A Growing Consciousness

Have you noticed a growing consciousness around natural food? The media, social media in particular, is playing a significant role in this and likely accounts for the epicentre of activity appearing to be amongst the young and beautiful particularly in the south of England. This is not a criticism: Ella Mills is the picture of radiant health and she really does create some delicious recipes. Similarly too for the Hemsley sisters and others we could name, also young, attractive and typically living in or near London. But what does this mean for us who are older, ‘uniquely’ beautiful, and living anywhere north of the Watford Gap? Well, we have a ‘bring it on’ attitude, because we too can definitely get excited and creative with natural food!

Our three part series here in York is all about shining a light on the wonders of natural food from herbs and spices in the first class to nuts and seeds and then fruits and vegetables in classes two and three respectively. Each class will convey the exquisite natural benefits of these foods and will be supported by samples of our raw food creations to demonstrate some of the possible uses of them.

In the Herbs and Spices class, we will also devote some time to the universal impact that food has on our health. Class two will likely be particularly relevant for anyone who has removed or reduced gluten or dairy from their diet as nuts and seeds have a big role to play in making this easier to do; this has proven to be of particular relevance to Annette who will explain the role of natural food in overcoming endometriosis. The third class puts fruit and vegetables in the spotlight to demonstrate the wealth and variety afforded by these first rate foods, and Graham will explain how eating more of them led not only to considerable weight loss, but also to reductions in the associated conditions for which he had previously been on medication, namely high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Please do check the additional details via our calendar and events page if these classes sound interesting to you. Each class is £12, or £30 if you want to book all three.