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The Power of Nature

April Birch

Every now and then you meet someone who makes an impression. It’s not necessarily those who make the most noise or even those whose achievements rank as outstanding in the context of measurable ‘success’ as we often understand it in an economically focussed society (although that may apply, too). The ‘impression’ referred to here by-passes such evaluation and is instead heartfelt, it’s known by the heart. ‘Impressive’, for us, is April Birch. If you’ve met us at any of the fairs and festivals in the region, there’s a good chance you’ve met April, too and if you’ve got to know her, you’ll know that she’s a pretty spectacular human being. Joining forces with someone to co-present a class is a first for us, and not something we would ordinarily have leapt at, however our reservations do not apply here, in fact the prospect of teaming up with April is thoroughly appealing!

So what is the class all about? 

The unifying theme of the class, as the title suggests, is the power of nature. Our natural world is abundant in plants that can keep us well, bring our bodies into balance when we’re off-centre and even help us to heal. We will present these ‘super powers’ through an enthusiastic presentation of natural food with some samples to engage the taste buds, too. Thousands of plants have been revered over the centuries for their health-giving and medicinal effects and when man’s ingenuity is used to harness these, rather than chemically alter them, it is possible to create something very potent; this is the power of essential oils. April will talk about what is possible with these oils from their healing properties through to culinary uses and how she incorporates them into her own life and that of her family.

This two and a half hour class starts at 10.00am on Saturday July 22nd in York and is £20 per person. If it is of interest, do get in touch as places are limited and booking has already started. There are more details available by clicking on the image below: 

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