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The Power of Nature for Ageing Well

This class series has been building for some considerable time now, as we recognise the relevance of having the understanding and skill set that may give us a better chance of good health and a happier take on life irrespective of age. It sometimes seems as though we’ve been a victim of our own success; we certainly are living longer, but we’ve a long way to go before it becomes the norm for those extra years to be vibrant and healthy rather than inevitably medicalised because we see no other options.

The class series then takes into account not just the practical aspects of health, in particular the food we eat, but also encourages a reassessment of ageing and personal value as we do so. The following is a summary of what to expect in each of the three two hour classes which will be interactive for those who are happy to share some of their own accounts, and each class will also include relevant food samples:

Class One: Awareness and Thought for Food (completed)

In this class we demonstrated the immense value to health and wellbeing of becoming more consciously aware and how to go about training it. We also shone a light on natural food, not just why it makes sense for us to eat more natural foods, but also what is meant by ‘natural’ in the context of food and eating.

Class Two: Beliefs and the Health of the Mind – February 24th

Our beliefs are our filters for how we see the world, so becoming gently and curiously aware of them can be a revelation, but more importantly, doing so can make change possible. We hope to make this part of the class a mostly light-hearted look at some of the beliefs that influence our behaviours and preferences, as well as looking at the incredible power of belief as shown in certain medical contexts. In considering the health of the mind, we will be looking primarily to our guts and why the resident bacteria and fungi there can have such an enormous impact on our overall health, especially our mental health. We will look at how to maintain or restore gut flora balance, and we will include suggestions and samples of foods that support mental wellbeing.

Class Three: Creativity and Living the Sweet Life – March 3rd

Being as healthy as possible is always high on our agenda, but unless it is accompanied by a sense of purpose and enthusiasm for life, its capacity for supporting a healthy and long life is limited. This class then looks at the unique creativity that exists in all of us and how we can better see what that is and how to let it guide us to flourish at any age. For this class we will bring in some very physical creations, primarily sweet samples to demonstrate how one of our greatest pleasures, sweet foods, can be enjoyed without needing refined industrialised sugar. Ever. And how when these foods are made with whole foods instead of white flour, they are typically more satisfying, making over-indulgence less likely.

Who are these classes intended for?

The classes are for anyone for whom the descriptions above sound relevant. Despite the title of the series, we have no fixed age in mind. All of this has already proven completely relevant to us and we are in our mid 50s, so we would not be surprised to find that the content of these classes proves to be appropriate for anyone our age or as much as 20 years either side of us.

Can the classes be attended individually?

Yes, each class can be a stand-alone class, but we have designed the course in such a way that one class forms a good (but not mandatory) basis for the next one(s).

When will the classes start? And where will they take place?

The venue for all three classes is Clements Hall in York. The dates are as follows:

Class 1 — 17th Feb
Class 2 — 24th Feb
Class 3 — 3rd March
Each class will start at 10.00am and finish at midday.

What does it cost?

Each two hour class is £20 Pre-payment (£20) for individual classes will guarantee your place on your chosen class. 

Payment options are listed here:

For direct bank transfers our details are as follows:

Acc name: Derwenthorpe Wellgood

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