Wellgood Reads

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This is a collection of some of the books we’ve found inspiring and, in some cases, books that we refer to often, especially for recipe ideas. One of the books, Calm InSight, is a result of inspiration… An inspired book by us on raw food is yet to emerge!

Tanya has cafes in London: the recipes in the book are some of those that excite her guests!  Tanya Maher has cafes in London, and great recipes in this book

    The recipes in Going Raw really work, and are exciting.

    UK based owner of Raw Living based in Brighton

    Simple raw food recipes by Ani Phyo.

    How to REALLY switch on the relaxation response.

   Peace WITH mind through Mind Calm Meditation

 Inspired by learning Mind Calm Meditation

  The magical power of food; a turning point for Annette

gut  Informative AND highly entertaining!

  Nourishing Wisdom – very readable

   David Hamilton PhD on the amazing power of the mind

   The Biology of Belief – groundbreaking new science

  The best book on mindfulness? Written by Jon Kabat-Zinn