The Power of ‘Calm’

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‘Calm’ is powerful, too

Through our training of awareness, we draw on our own experience along with insights from the world of mindfulness as well as from  Mind Calm and Body Calm, each of which is available as a class / workshop in its own right, or combined to form a more comprehensive ‘calm‘ experience. We look at what happens if we meditate, including the physical changes that the brain undergoes, and what happens when we meditate so we know what to expect. We take a look at why, despite all the compelling evidence, meditation doesn’t appear on prescriptions (the side-effects are so desirable!) but also why, despite knowing the benefits, some of which are thoroughly liberating and exciting, many of us don’t make the most of this highly portable and completely free self-treatment.  

All of our programs are underpinned by the absolute need for self-compassion, not because it’s ‘nice’, but because the alternatives, self-criticism or self-indulgence don’t help.

Should you be interested in any kind of one-to-one work with us, the following are adaptable programs which may be of interest. The first is The Power of Inspiration which combines The Power of Natural Food and The Power of Awareness. More details to come on this. Other programs include a full ‘detox, primarily for the mind, or a non-calorie counting weight managment program, or, especially if you are unsure of the best course of action, we offer an accessible and flexible consultation program which may require the Mind Detox Method . To better clarify the scope of the Mind Detox Method, we have highlighted three main areas for which this course of action may be relevant:


The Health & Happiness pages may help in identifiying a starting point, whether this specifically involves identifying more difficult areas, or whether your emphasis is on living more fully.


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