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….But with a difference, and not just because this class involves food samples, but because it’s more about being inspired than learning facts and figures. The facts and figures have their place but without inspiration, enthusiasm and enjoyment they’re just that, facts and figures which, especially in the emotive context of eating, may even prove unhelpful.

We have no intention of telling you or anyone else what to eat, but if you’re interested, we may be able to spread some excitement your way about the fabulousness of eating more plants. The class might include the occasional fact or figure, but it’s mostly about what’s changed for us, and how it happened without us really trying, or at least not much (we’ve included a list here of the ailments and conditions we used to suffer from but which have now disappeared from our lives thanks in no small part to what we eat).

This Power of Natural Food class is an hour long introduction to give you a flavour (really!) of what we’re all about and why we’re so passionate about our food. It’s a Pay-As-You-Feel class so no need to book, but if you want to express an interest and be kept up to date with any pre-class information, this is the event on Facebook; it will also give us an idea of how many samples to make available. About the samples: they’re made with organic ingredients, they’re completely suitable for vegetarians and vegans and they’re also naturally free from gluten. Please ask if there’s any more you’d like to know.

The key facts and figures:

Date – Saturday 2nd September

Time – 10.30

Venue – Super Sustainability Centre at Derwenthorpe, York


Hope to see you!

                        Annette & Graham

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