Body Calm

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We’re becoming so accustomed to living with stress (the chronic type, rather than useful bursts), that its effects can go un-noticed until our bodies insist that we take notice, whether early on as we start to experience minor ailments such as fatigue or digestive disorders, headaches or allergies or, not infrequently, when facing more imposing conditions, such as heart-disease and even cancer. It’s calculated that between 70 and 95% of all illness and disease in our culture has a stress component, and that as much as 60% of illness is directly caused by stress. It has to be relevant, therefore, to look at this significant stress component and learn how to minimise or even reverse its impact.  1385054_209229649257388_518464728_n

Body Calm is a new self-healing system, developed by Sandy Newbigging. The purpose of Body Calm is to understand the mind-based impacts on physical health and learn how to really ‘Go home and rest’, thus switching on the relaxation response to reduce the effects of stress on both the mind and the body. Although it is now well-established that stress is both a major cause and contributing factor to illness, and equally it is known that meditation can be very effective in reducing, managing or even eliminating the experience of stress, there is little available that uses this knowledge to good effect. The Body Calm Meditation technique therefore, sits at the heart of Body Calm to give the body the rest it needs by first helping the mind to calm.

In addition to a Body Calm meditation technique, there are Quick Start Cures which can be used to enhance the practice of meditation, as well as independently, and these are typically introduced in conjunction with the 7 Hidden Sources of Stress which is a key component of the course.

A class will also provide information about research relating to the many physical impacts of meditation, and what can happen when a person meditates; knowing this may make the difference between meditating regularly and giving up.

Body Calm also includes a compelling philosophy for a possibly significant change in perspective with regard to the curve balls life appears to throw at us, thus making this a very exciting way of bringing greater harmony to mind, body and life experiences.

Having come to meditation indirectly as a result of illness, Calm Coach Annette Henry is delighted to be making Body Calm an integral part of The Art of Calm Experience. The Art of Calm Experience combines with eating food that mind and body can ultimately agree on. To this end we offer small classes of two to three people at our York base; whilst there is no requirement to divulge any details of any illness, we want to create an environment in which participants feel comfortable to do so if they choose. These classes typically start at 10.00 and are finished by 17.00. A three-course raw food lunch is inluded to further promote health and give ideas for incorporating more natural foods into daily life. There is a comprehensive optional 8 week follow-up usually via email to ensure that support and encouragement are available in the early stages of applying what is learnt during the class. These classes are £65 per person (all inclusive). Booking Deposit information is here.


Please contact Annette directly for more information about Body Calm.  Full day workshops or classes can be arranged for up to 3 participants.

As has been underlined repeatedly by the experience of Body Calm, it is not unusual for a physical condition to have its origins in the mind, and whilst reducing stress makes a huge difference, there are occasions when a hidden memory is the root cause. In such cases, Mind Detox may be able to find the memory and resolve it, thus removing the basis for the illness or condition. For more details please click here.