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… Addressing Individuals

Every now and then something comes along that proves difficult to resolve. In cases such as these, it may be that you are the best and only person able to get to the root cause of the problem and thus begin a process of healing, but you may require someone to work with you to seek out any hidden causes and contributing factors to whatever it is that you’re experiencing. This is what we offer through a Calm Consultation, which can be via Skype or in person if you live in York or are able to get here. The consultation will be with both Graham and Annette, or just one of us if that is your preference.

First and foremost, we will listen to you. We know that the experience of seeing a GP is often limited as the time slots available to them do not allow for much in-depth interaction. We also know that where a condition cannot be easily resolved by a conventional medical intervention, many doctors are challenged to provide more supportive ‘whole person’ responses to patients’ needs. We draw on experience across a range of non-medical disciplines such as coaching in meditation techniques, the Mind Detox Method, (please see the Power of Awareness for more on these) and natural approaches to healing, based mostly on raw and plant-based nutrition, (please see Food Matters for background information on this).

A Calm Consultation is 45 minutes at a cost of £25 and is payable in advance. A single consultation may be enough to resolve an issue or initiate a process that you can then manage independently. Where this is not the case, you may opt for additional consultations based on the initial 45 minute consultation with us. We will not recommend that you continue with us if it is not likely to be useful to you. Additional consultations will be 90 minutes at a cost of £50. We are keen that you feel you can continue with us if it is likely to benefit you to do so, and with that in mind, your first consultation payment of £25 can be used as part payment for your first 90 minute consultation, making a balance of £25 for your first (or only) 90 minute consultation. We are likely to recommend no more than three 90 minute consultations, unless there is a particular reason to do so.

Annette & Graham Henry
Annette & Graham Henry

We are deliberately choosing not to present a list of ‘typical’ conditions here that may be addressed by a consultation or consultations, because this process is primarily about looking with you for the causes, rather than attending to symptoms. However, we already know from work we have done that conditions such as IBS, insomnia, anxiety, pain, and high blood pressure can respond well or even be completely resolved by one or more of the approaches listed above. We will always ask you if you have consulted with a medical doctor about your condition as we will want to know from you that you have done this already, or have made a conscious decision not to do so.

We encourage you to have a look at other parts of this website to get a feel for who we are and the work that we do to help you to decide whether or not to proceed with a Calm Consultation. We would also be delighted to hear from you to answer any queries you may have. Please get in touch!