Calm Saturdays

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How’s your summer going? We hope it’s proving enjoyable, and that you’ve found some time for relaxation and regeneration, commonly known as ‘holiday’, whether away or at home.

What does September signify for you, if anything? You’d be in good company if you regard the coming of September with a tinge of disappointment; it was probably reinforced in our school days that this is the month the holidays end, that the daylight hours start to recede, that nature starts to batten down the hatches for the change in season, and for some, there’s a hint of trepidation as the relative ease associated with summer is replaced with a sense of a faster-paced ‘back-to-the-grind-stone’ transition, that gives way all too quickly to attention to a certain event at the end of December!

What if it’s possible to experience all of this differently? We suggest that it can be. The enjoyment of the here and now is typically disrupted far more by the activity of our minds and their sometimes overwhelming tendencies to look to the past or ahead to what’s coming, than by actual events. And the associated cascade of thinking makes inspiration and creative ideas less likely, resulting more often than not in uninspiring routine, which in turn makes the ‘here and now’ seem dull, rather than vibrant and full of potential. We know from personal experience, and from those we’ve had the privilege to come into contact with through our workshops, that a meditation practice can make a difference, sometimes a very significant difference to the experience of life. It is for this reason that we’re running a unique program in September which we’re calling Calm Saturdays.

Calm Saturdays involves two consecutive Saturdays next month, the 10th and 17th of September during which you can learn the Calm Meditation technique along with all the insights, plus some supporting facts and figures, from Mind Calm and Body Calm. In many ways though, it may be the intervening week that proves to be transformative; learning to meditate is generally considered easy, but as we know, maintaining the momentum to keep going in ‘real life’ is the greater challenge, making the practice week in between the two Saturdays potentially the best teacher of all, especially once it is followed up by the opportunity in the second class to discuss progress, both the ‘good’ and the challenging.

If this is of interest to you, there is an event page on our website with details of the classes including times, prices, information about the optional lunches and the special arrangements we have for anyone who has done a Mind Calm or Body Calm workshop or class with us before; it is our policy to always make our classes more accessible to those who have already completed a class with us.

As always, we are delighted to answer any questions, and hope to see you soon, if not at this event then perhaps at one of the coming fairs in the region.

Calm Saturdays

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