Christmas Lunches

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It’s that interesting time of the year when the phrase ‘It’s Christmas’ is an almost universally accepted statement of permission to let go of restraint and eat with more abandon than at most other times of the year. The associated freedom feels good, but it often comes at a price to be faced no sooner than January.

As big fans of food, we relish the challenge of finding ways of enjoying some seasonal favourites without it necessarily being a guilty pleasure. This is what we aim to demonstrate in the form of 3 course lunches on selected dates in December for any group of up to 4 people. We always aim to make our lunches an unhurried experience, so we allow 2 hours from arrival at 12.30.

Please check the calendar for available dates and then contact us for more information or to book a lunch. Once we have a mutually suitable date, your booking will be secured by making a deposit for each person attending. Please see our Booking Deposit information for more on this. The prices are the same as for our lunches at any time of the year and are as follows:

For one person …..£37.50

For two people …..£34.00 each

For three people£32.00 each

For four people ….£29.50 each

There is more about what we do all year round on our lunches page.  As always our food is organic, unprocessed and natural. It contains no dairy or gluten and is completely suitable for those following a vegan life-style.