The Art of Conscious Healing

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The Art of Conscious Healing is based on the Embodying Exercise which evolved as part of the Body Calm program developed by Sandy Newbigging, and was created primarily for use with individuals rather than groups.

art-of-conscious-healingThe Art of Conscious Healing is a very practical response to physical conditions or stressful life situations where there is some degree of resistance, ie pushing away, avoiding, blocking out, and / attachment, ie clinging on to something, or a ‘need’ for a different outcome. The process is simple but not inevitably easy as it requires that the mind takes a back seat to make way for feeling, rather than thinking and rationalising. It tends therefore to be particularly accessible for regular meditators who are familiar with the experience of being consciously aware or mindful, however it is possible too for non-meditators particularly where there is a willingness to feel rather than think through the short exercise.

It is not uncommon for an issue to be cleared very quickly following just one session of up to an hour, however it is equally common for a further session or sessions to be asked for, especially when there are signs of progress. The exercise is simple enough to be learnt by the recipient for self use which may preclude the need for more than two sessions. It is sometimes the case, however, that working with a trained practitioner shines a light on something that cannot easily be seen by working alone, so being open to this possibility may make sense.

As a Body Calm+ Coach,  Annette is fully accredited to take you through this process and to teach it to you should you wish to learn the steps for yourself. The charge per session of up to an hour is £50 which includes email contact before and after a session. This can easily be carried out in person or via Skype. Please get in touch if you want to know more, or to book a session.  Once we have arranged a time for you, you can secure your time slot with a small deposit. Please see our Booking Deposit information for more on this.