Art of Calm Detoxing Course

2017-01-28 18:17 - 2017-02-11 18:17
Breathing Space above Le Deli, Beulah Street Harrogate HG1 1QH
Address: Breathing Space above Le Deli, Beulah Street Harrogate HG1 1QH

This is a series of rencontrer quelqu'un après internet three classes, but in practice, it is a go to site 10 week program to better enable significant and lasting changes for those who are willing to participate in their own progress to improved health and wellbeing.

Who might benefit?
  • Anyone who is struggling with a life-style condition, or weight problem that would likely respond well to stress-reduction and putting the right emphasis on food
  • Anyone who knows that a ‘quick fix’ solution is unlikely for their condition and  feels they would benefit from the support and momentum involved in such a program

What is involved in the 3 classes?

  • A look at why we often get into unhealthy patterns; why we’re not to blame for much of this, and how we can take responsibility effectively and at a pace that won’t compromise overall progress
  • How to be happier despite what’s happening
  • Why we sometimes encounter blocks or blindspots, and possible ways of overcoming them
  • The excitement of eating food that can be put to full use by the human body
  • How to deal with stress and other mind-based impediments to living a more peaceful and healthy life

What is involved during the 10 weeks?

And finally, a word about ‘progress’. For us progress is based on health, happiness and general well-being; your weight will not be monitored by us at any stage, we prefer to see weight loss as a secondary consequence of a healthier body and mind.

Dates and Timings:

Price: £ 135 per person.  Your booking can be secured by making the full payment, or with a £15 non-refundable deposit. If you pay more than the minimum £15 deposit and need to cancel before the start of the program, any outstanding balance will be refunded to you. Please see our Booking Deposit information for more on this.

Bookings can also be made by contacting Jon at Breathing Space in Harrogate. This page shows contact details and location information.

Supporting information and contact options: