Calm Tuesdays

2016-11-08 12:41 - 2016-11-22 12:41
Derwenthorpe, York, United Kingdom
Address: Derwenthorpe, York, United Kingdom

Calm Tuesdays provide an opportunity which goes beyond the reach of one day workshops for those who wish to take time to assimilate and usefully process what has been learnt; experience has shown us that factoring in personal practice time between classes to be hugely beneficial. The three classes of four hours bring together all of the insights from Mind Calm and Body Calm along with easy-to-follow steps to practice Calm Meditation both in class and at home, and include a tapas-style raw food lunch on each of the days as a means to bring the Art of Calm more fully into your experience.

Colourful, vibrant food made from natural ingredients
Colourful, vibrant food made from natural ingredients

Our lunches have proven popular with those who have been on workshops and when we have had guests who have booked lunches with us for the enjoyment of sampling food like this. If you want to see more about our lunches, please click here.

The Coaching Content of the Tuesdays

Have you ever wondered why we have a tendency to be frequently inundated with a cascade of thinking? Do we actually know what stress is, and the sometimes hidden causes of stress? How do we know meditation works? What can it address? Are we clear on what we ultimately want? How familiar are we with our ‘real’ selves? Have we ever pondered on why we’re here, and what the purpose of life might be? These are some of the areas that will be addressed over the course of the 3 classes, along with techniques to put them into practice so as to make changes to your experience of life genuinely possible.

Dates: Tuesdays 8th, 25th & 22nd November

Timings: 10.30am – 2.30pm 

Price: £95 all inclusive. We ask that a non-refundable deposit of £15 be made to secure the booking and that the balance be paid at or prior to the start of the first class.

The deposit of £15 can be paid using the PayPal button below. Please also contact us alongside your booking, or in advance of paying the deposit if you have any questions about the classes or the lunches.