Living The Sweet Life

2018-09-15 10:30 - 11:30
Derwenthorpe, York, United Kingdom
Address: Derwenthorpe, York, United Kingdom
….. But what do we do about sugar?

This is a small one hour class here at Derwenthorpe with the focus well and truly on the sweet stuff:

  • Why it’s so compelling for almost all of us
  • Why it’s a bigger problem nowadays
  • What to do to reduce or eliminate refined, processed sugar and what to consider instead
  • Getting creative with new ideas and making it fun!

The class will also include samples of sweet foods made with a variety of other, more natural sweeteners and we will talk about how, whilst still being sugars, they do confer some benefits not seen in refined white sugar. All our samples are made with organic, predominantly wholefood ingredients which is also relevant for reducing the impact of sugars. Additionally, the samples are naturally free from dairy, gluten and, of course refined white sugar! (Some will contain nuts). 

This class including samples is just £10 per person. Pre-booking is essential as places are limited to a maximum of 4.

There are several ways to pay for this class:

For direct bank transfers our details are as follows:

Acc name: Derwenthorpe Wellgood

Number: 25298651

Sort Code: 05-09-94

Payments by cheque can be made payable to Derwenthorpe Wellgood, and sent to our address which will be provided on request.

And there is a paypal button at the bottom of this page. If you are booking with us, we will want to have contact with you to ensure that you have as much information as you need, and so that we can confirm that any booking payment made by you has been received. You can contact either of us by whichever means suits you best, or you can send an email to: