The Power of Natural Food – an introduction

2017-09-02 10:30 - 11:30
SSC Derwenthorpe
Address: Derwenthorpe, York, United Kingdom

It’s a little odd that ‘natural’ food should feel like a discovery, but when it rebalances your biology to the point of reversing a chronic illness, or seriously outperforms any commercial diet, it makes you take notice!

This one hour introductory class at the Super Sustainability Centre, Derwenthorpe is about the rediscovery and excitement of natural food from our personal perspectives as well as more widely. Although we will certainly allude to natural food in respect of good health and healthy weight, we also want to emphasise the enjoyment and creativity that we have discovered in recent years, as without these key ‘ingredients’ whatever we prepare and eat may become a chore, lack pleasure and then prove to be unsustainable. This class is therefore mostly about what we can do.

We will be bringing samples with us, some of which will showcase natural ingredients in a perhaps less familiar way. Our food samples, both sweet and savoury, will be made with organic ingredients and will contain no dairy, other animal products or grains, but do let us know of any food allergies or intolerances not referred to here. It would also be helpful to us to have expressions of interest in this class to ensure we have enough samples, (and not so many as to create waste). Please get in touch!

Graham Henry
Annette Henry

Payment for the class and the samples is on a PAYF basis, in other words, pay as you feel. There will be a collection box available for this purpose.



SSC Derwenthorpe

Location and Parking: The SSC is a short walk from the visitor car park at the entrance to the Osbaldwick quarter of Derwenthorpe. If you’re arriving by bicycle or on foot, the centre is accessible from all three of the current phases; Osbaldwick Village / Temple Avenue / Fifth Avenue, and it is directly accessible from the sustrans cycle track.