The Power of Natural Food & The Compassionate Mind

2017-03-11 10:30 - 12:00
Breathing Space above Le Deli, Beulah Street Harrogate HG1 1QH
Address: Breathing Space above Le Deli, Beulah Street Harrogate HG1 1QH

This 90 minute class aims to convey the excitement of natural food, along with ideas about incorporating more of it into natural life, and how to do so with compassion towards oneself.  Real compassion (as opposed to self-indulgence) can be very freeing especially for those whose ‘inner critic’ has a lot to say. We want to share with you what can be done, and why it’s enticing to make a shift towards more natural food.

In short, this class will

  • convey some of the health-related benefits of eating natural food, some of them supported by our personal experiences
  • outline what is really meant by natural food, and how eating a predominantly raw diet makes this easy, but  is not the only route to eating good food
  • the relevance of self-compassion in making sustainable changes 

The class will take place at Breathing Space in Harrogate on Saturday March 11th at 10.30, and will be delivered by Annette  & Graham Henry.

The price is £15 per person and payable in advance of the class through us or by contacting Jon at Breathing Space in Harrogate. However, if you would prefer to pay on the day, please confirm your attendance in advance of the class so that we can confirm to you that we are able to accommodate you. To contact us, either as part of your booking, or to make any equiries, please click here and choose the means which suits you best from the options available. We look forward to hearing from you, and welcome any questions about the class.

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