The Power of Natural Food

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Food for Mind & Body

When we started talking about food, we did so under the heading of Calm Eating, and those roots are still entirely relevant as we’ve evolved.  Calm Eating was and is about the way we eat; it’s certainly more than taking time over meals, although that’s a great starting point. It’s rather more the combined what and how of eating. ‘Healthy eating’ seems sensible, but perhaps dull, and to be bored by something we typically engage in 3 times a day is quite simply unacceptable and unsustainable. So we come to this from a different angle – can we enjoy the food that makes our bodies vibrant? We believe so. To do this we take natural foods and become creative with them, without altering their fundamental structure and essence, thus allowing them to retain as much as possible of their intrinsic power. We give ourselves permission to take the time to adapt to new tastes, to take pleasure in our new creations, and to let go of the foods that our bodies wouldn’t naturally choose for themselves. It is this that requires calm; haste and self-reproach have no part to play here. Instead, we aim to gently encourage ourselves and others to engage more with our innate wisdom, and allow that most intimate of interactions with our environment, the food we eat, to be a more natural and harmonious one.

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Art of Calm Eating

We prioritise organic raw foods as a basis for living and feeling better. ‘Prioritising’ isn’t exclusive; there is no imperative to be 100% raw and in fact, we aren’t. Whilst cooking is undoubtedly a demonstration of human creativity, perhaps we have got carried away with our talent by applying it to the majority of what we eat. And as our life-styles increasingly preclude us from taking time to prepare our own food, there is a growing reliance on factory-processed, nutrient-deficient foods. Have we noticed that we are the only species to alter the molecular structure of our food?

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Nourishing the Body

Did you know that the pH value of a healthy body is slightly alkaline? As we become increasingly aware of this, we’re increasingly less surprised that eating natural, mostly plant-based foods has made such notable contributions to our health: the two go hand-in-hand. Our passion and enthusiasm for natural food and feeling good are the catalysts for the lunches and food samples we provide, for our raw food lunches, or as part of our Power of Natural Food classes. The food we make available for lunches or classes is naturally inclusive as it is fully suitable for anyone following a vegan life-style or for those who avoid gluten in their diet.Sweet things collage

We’ve had a number of guests join us for raw food lunches and their reasons for coming are as diverse as they are, but in short, they range from health reasons, to pure enjoyment. Please let us know if you would like to come for lunch!

If a hands-on experience at your home appeals to you, then you might be interested in Raw Food In Your Home, where we come to you.

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