Raw Food Lunches

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We consistently enjoy sharing our raw food passion with guests, and we make this possible by offering lunches as part of our classes, or to enjoy in their own right.

Pesto Mushrooms - starter
Pesto Mushrooms – starter


A  3 course lunch at our York base can be up to four people with prices as follows:

Ginger Almond Butter & Cucumber

For one person …..£37.50

For two people …..£34.00 each

For three people£32.00 each

For four people ….£29.50 each

As we believe food should be enjoyed without rushing, we allow two hours for lunch, from arrival to finish, commencing at 12.30.

Main Course Selection & Menu


Who are these lunches intended for? 

Salad with Mango Salsa
Salad with Mango Salsa
Beetroot, Carrot & Coriander
Beetroot, Carrot & Coriander
Asian-style marinated vegetables and courgette noodles
Asian-style marinated vegetables and courgette noodles

They’re ideal for:

  • anyone curious about raw food and looking for new ideas
  • anyone keen to maintain or improve their health
  • ‘foodies’ – this food has proven to be exciting to those who enjoy sampling new flavours and combinations
  • anyone who has chosen a vegan lifestyle – compassion for the living world can go hand-in-hand with vibrant, plant-based food
  • anyone needing to avoid dairy or gluten – raw food is not based on dairy and grains and therefore does not involve removal of either

    Blueberry Cheesecake
    Blueberry Cheesecake
Raw Chocolate Mini Cakes
Raw Chocolate Mini Cakes
Dinner for 6 - dessert platter
Dinner for 6 – dessert platter
Dessert Selection

Please contact us for more information or to book a lunch with us. We typically have availability on weekend days, but sometimes can also make certain weekdays available – let us know your preference. Once we have a mutually suitable date, your booking will be secured by making a deposit for each person attending. Please see our Booking Deposit information for more on this.


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We were delighted to receive this unsolicited review from one of our guests, Vikki and we have included it in its entirety here:

“A Raw Rainbow
I have been feeling a little off colour lately due to the long and rather bland tasting haul away from eating any food that didn’t support the enslavement of animals and didn’t contain a mixture of preservatives, thickeners and sweeteners.  This essentially left me with vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds….not exactly what I was used to.  I dutifully followed my regime but was starting to resent the lack of enjoyment this new life choice had given my taste buds.  Enter Graham and Annette with an explosion of colour, spices, flavours and innovative creations that they were eager and excited to share.  I  was so shocked when they brought out a plate of crackers, I didn’t think it would be an option with raw food, I bit into it and got that satisfying crunch and an array of herbs and spices….and the kale crisps! I hate the taste of kale, but I loved these crisps, one of many happy discoveries.
My daughter and I tucked into dishes from beetroot salad to creamy tomato soup, the variety of colourful dishes helped us see that a healthy, raw, plant based diet can be just as tasty and just as interesting as the alternatives.  It also involved heart shaped chocolates which will incidentally be the first recipe we will be attempting.
Graham mentioned that if you aim to eat food that mirrors the colours of the rainbow then your diet is well covered, that is exactly what they served, a raw rainbow.  I would thoroughly recommend lunch at Annette and Graham’s, for the vibrant food, charming mentors and the knowledge and experience you can take away with you. “