Recipe Ideas

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The following is a selection of some of the simple recipes we use and enjoy on a regular basis. The quantities for all the recipes are for two people, so it’s easy to halve or double the amount. All of these recipes are plant-based, making them naturally free from dairy products. They are also free from refined sugar and gluten. None of the meals are cooked, so the nutrient and enzyme properties remain largely intact. None of the recipes listed here require specialist equipment. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do; please let us know!

We have organised our recipes as follows (please click on the relevant highlighted red heading):

Savoury Dishes



super-saladsdelicious-dessertskeeping-it-vibrantIf at least once in a while  you prefer your lunches prepared for you, then why not come and join us for a raw food lunch at Derwenthorpe in York? There is more information here.