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Anyone familiar with us and what we do is aware that we give priority to health, happiness and wellbeing and that what we typically offer involves us spending time with those who choose us to support them as they prioritise aspects of their own wellbeing. This post for November, however, is all about a couple of tangible purchases, otherwise known as Christmas Gift Ideas and a little bit about why they’re special.

The Gift of Calm InSight
The Gift of Calm InSight

The first is the book of poems by Annette which has already proven to be a popular gift purchase. The poems are mostly a reminder to value ourselves, to ease back from worrying thoughts and live more in the here and now. We’ve noted with some interest that there’s been a spike in sales in recent months and wonder if this is in response to the somewhat challenging times we’re living in? Our one retail outlet for the book is the Earth Spirit Bookshop in Hebden Bridge; perhaps the extra sales there have been in support of them and other businesses in the town as they rebuild after the Boxing Day floods last year? We would like to think so. 

We’re making the book available inclusive of postage and packing with an option to receive it gift wrapped for Christmas at no additional charge. Please click here or on the photo above if you are interested.

The second is a voucher for a 3 course lunch with us. During the last couple of years, we’ve been more than a little encouraged by the enthusiasm with which our lunches have been received. The reasons our guests have come have been as varied as they are, from health reasons, to the pure enjoyment of a way of eating that doesn’t conform to mainstream offerings. It’s also been suggested on a few occasions that we consider increasing the price of these meals to better reflect what’s on offer from the varied dishes made with organic ingredients to the potential inspiration for new ideas along with information to support the experience. We’ve slowly come to the conclusion that this does make sense, and we will increase our lunch prices in the New Year. The current price of the voucher is £25 and will be valid until the end of 2017 irrespective of any changes to our pricing. imag1216

Please see our Raw Food Lunches page to get an idea of what a lunch with us is all about, and who it might be most suitable for.

And here is the link to the voucher.

And finally, we hope these do prove to be useful gift ideas for friends and relatives at Christmas, but equally, they may suit you and we would be delighted to send you either or both of these, whether they’re for you, or to offer as a gift to someone else.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Annette & Graham Henry

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