Henry Talks

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Health, Energy, Nourishment & Renewal for You… Henry Talks

We would love to come and talk to a group, whether large or small so that we can further share our passion and kick-start some of the life changes that we’ve seen in ourselves. The following is a guide to what we love to talk about: 

    • Where we’ve gone wrong ie why it’s become the norm for us to eat in a way that isn’t working for us. 
    • Eating better and where to start.
    • The Blue Zones: What can we learn from them about ageing well?
    • Eating for the sheer enjoyment of experiencing vibrant, natural food.
    • The multipe reasons for learning meditation and how to get started.
    • Dealing with stressors, including those that come from our environment.
    • Three ‘M’s for managing stress better.
    • The plant-based revolution; looking at the bigger picture and how sustainable ways of eating will work for us as individuals and equally for the world in which we live.
    • Managing weight and why diets typically fail.
    • Gut Health ~ The Magnificent Microbiome
    • Living the sweet life …what to do about sugar.
    • Eating and living for reproductive health.
    • Calm InSight ~ Diminishing the Effects of Stress, Anxiety & Panic
    • The power of nature for helping us sleep better
    • Chronic Fatigue ~ The Mystery Illness Explored
    • New skills for ageing well
    • Eating and living to alleviate or prevent chronic conditions.

A talk will typically last for one hour and will, in many cases, include food samples relevant to the talk. All our samples are made with organic ingredients. They contain no dairy or other animal products and are naturally free from gluten.

For small groups (up to 5 people) the charge is £30 plus any transport costs outside of York.

For larger groups (between 5 and 20 people) the charge is £50 plus any transport costs outside of York.

For groups larger than 20 the charge is £75 plus any transport costs outside of York.

Please get in touch to make arrangements or discuss possible options