List & Prices

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The following is a list of everything we currently offer and the price per person before any discounts are applied. Each item is highlighted in red to enable you to click on it for more information on the relevant page. Events at public venues will be priced separately and can be found in the Calendar & Events section of this website. Please note; any in-house workshops are arranged where possible according to the requirements of the organisation, and therefore pricing for any of our classes is part of the preliminary consultation with the client.

The payment buttons below are intended to facilitate payment once you have chosen the option most suitable for you. Please contact us first to make arrangements which may involve a change of cost, eg if a discount applies to you.

Art of Calm Detoxing                £795

(10 week healthy weight loss program)

Calm Consultation                  £25 

This payment is to be made in advance and is non-refundable, but can be used as part payment for a subsequent 90 minute consultation.

(£50 for subsequent consultations as required)

Art of Calm Experience            £65

(full day class of Calm Meditation + lunch)

Raw Food Lunch                        

For one person …..£37.50

For two people …..£34.00 each

For three people£32.00 each

For four people ….£29.50 each

 (3 course lunch)

To book a lunch with us, please contact us to arrange a suitable date, and secure your booking with a deposit for your group. Any outstanding balance can be paid at any time up to and including the day of your visit.

Art of Raw Food                          £55

(+ charge for travel if outside York)

Mind Detox & Health                £75

(then £55 for subsequent sessions as required)

Mind Detox & Emotions          £75

(then £55 for subsequent sessions as required)

Mind Detox & Eating                 £75

(then £55 for subsequent sessions as required)

Information about the Booking Deposit can be found by clicking here.