Lunch Classes

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These three classes are completely centred around lunch as a means to really taste and talk about the food, its health benefits and other possibilities.

Each class is a response to questions we’re frequently asked:

  • How to find simpler ways of incorporating more plant food into each day
  • How to vary salads so that eating one every day is more appealing
  • How raw food can be enjoyed in the winter

The classes can be booked by private arrangement for between one and four participants, or by booking on a class advertised on our calendar. Each class costs £15 per person (please see the relevant page link below for payment options) and the duration of each class is 90 minutes; starting at 12.00 and finishing at around 1.30. This is longer than a typical lunch, but we value a non-hurried approach to meals and want to allow time for questions and discussion.

The lunch classes are as follows:

Raw Bites – simple every day ideas for snacks and meals




Salad Days – making salad a real option for every day




Winter Warmers – using heat, spices and making comfort food