Mind Calm

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Mind Calm has already proven to be an effective way of addressing anxiety, insomnia and other effects of a non-stop, busy mind for many of the people who have attended our workshops or in-house training. See what some of them have to say on our testimonials page.

Developed by best selling author Sandy Newbigging, Mind Calm is a modern day meditation technique which  is simple and straightforward to learn, there’s no jargon,  no uncomfortable seating position and no religious affiliation.  Virtual Reality

To learn Mind Calm is to learn how to cultivate peace with Mind rather than the seemingly elusive peace of mind which is often associated with a sense of “I’ll be happy when …”. Discovering that it is possible to experience peace now, without needing to change external circumstances or finding an off switch for thoughts and emotions, is liberating. The technique can be used with eyes closed and with eyes open.

Aside from reversing the harmful and distressing effects of stress, learning and regularly applying Mind Calm Meditation, can contribute to numerous benefits, including the following:

  • In day to day life: increased happiness and self ­acceptance, more energy as well as improved health and relationships
  • In the workplace: more confidence, creativity, and focus
  • At school or college: better coping strategies, greater optimism and increased motivation

After dismissing meditation as too esoteric, followed by an apparent inability to do it with a non-stop busy mind, Mind Calm Coach Annette found this technique straightforward and has not looked back since. She now shares it with others at workshops and in-house training.  Stroke of luck

Mind Calm is an integral part of The Art of Calm Experience: and includes food that mind and body can ultimately agree on. The Art of Calm Experience is primarily for small classes at our York base, it is a full day  class and includes a 3 course raw food lunch to promote ideas and conversation about potentially new considerations for eating. The price of such a class is £65 per person. Booking deposit information is here. The cost further includes an optional follow-up of at least 4 weeks, as well as the opportunity to repeat the class free of charge at a later date.

Please contact Annette for more about ‘CALM’ classes.

Email: annette.henry@derwenthorpewellgood.com

Tel: 01904 630554

If you are aware of stubborn, unwanted behaviours, anxious or fearful responses to triggers, especially those that seem not to make full sense to you, then you may wish to consider Mind Detox alongside, or separate from, a Mind Calm course. Please click here for further details.


An unexpected consequence of meditation has been the recent creation and publication of a book of Calm InSightverses, Calm InSight by Annette Henry with a foreword by Sandy Newbigging.

For each book sold, 10% of receipts will be donated to: 

Headway – the brain injury association, a Registered Charity No 1025852

In the run-up to Christmas only, we are making Calm InSight available inclusive of postage and packing. Please click on the highlighted book title for more.