Motivation, Inspiration & Encouragement

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At some time or other, we all need some (or all) of the above. Inspiration to spark something new, motivation to implement it and encouragement to keep going, especially when it seems hard, or when it seems like we’re making strides but there aren’t many others going that way with us. We (Graham and Annette) certainly recognise all of this and often look to others for encouragement, inspiration and motivation from the books we read, the restaurants we visit, and the speakers we listen to, all of which keep us buoyed up, ignite new ideas and give us fresh information to consider.

Equally, we love to put ourselves on the other side of this equation whereby  we set out to inspire, motivate and encourage. This is the primary purpose of all of our Talks, and we continue to add new talks to the list. It’s also why we’ve created a new series of classes, all based around lunch because inspiration to make new food is much more likely if you’ve already tried something and you know you like it.  There are three Lunch Classes, each addressing questions that we’ve become aware of: how to use natural wholefoods to make things quickly / easily / in advance; how to make salads sufficently varied that eating one a day is a pleasure and never a chore; and how to make raw food appealing in the colder months. Dates for these classes are published on our calendar, but we can also take private bookings for between 1 and 4 people.  Details are on the new Lunch Classes page.

And finally, if you fancy a day out in Pateley Bridge, we’ll be exhibiting at the Pateley Wellbeing Festival on Saturday October 27th. It’s being run to coincide with the Food Festival so there should be plenty to see, sample, and talk about. Do drop by and say hello if you’re there, we’d love to see you!

Action for Happiness have created a new calendar for this month which they’re calling ‘Optimistic October’. We’d certainly like to second that sentiment!

~ Annette & Graham