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This is no refusal, or shake of the head, it’s the abbreviation for the Natural & Organic Product Exhibition which was held at ExCel in London on the 2nd and 3rd of this month and was a big YES for us. There were so many favourites… Love Chock, Rebel Milk, Pukka Tea, Ombar, Yogi Tea, The Raw Chocolate Company to name but a few..

…and so many new and innovative start-ups. Rather than make this a long list, we wanted to present three here that attracted our attention. There’s one thing that links all of these, both the established favourites and the ‘new kids’, and that is a sense of passion and excitement for their product. Essential, surely?

To avoid favouritism, they’re coming up here in alphabetical order.

The first was sampled by Graham who loved this Dutch company’s organic, dairy-free yoghurts made from coconut milk and almond milk respectively. The coconut yoghurt is especially creamy, while the almond one is a little more fluid but not too much as the almond milk base is made with a higher-than-usual volume of almonds (and they’re proud of that fact). We’ve not yet seen any of these in the North of England, but they are stocked in Planet Organic in London. And the name? Abbot Kinneys

Annette meanwhile was stopped in her tracks at the sight of a chilled and sparkling maté drink and it seems the exhibitor was equally impressed to learn that not only have we heard of maté, we drink it first thing in the morning … pretty much every morning. This is sparkling, slightly sweetened and very refreshing Mahtay with the strap-line ‘live every drop’. What’s not to like?! This is a small London-based company who have quite literally just got started, so it may be a while before this makes it to our shops in Yorkshire. But of course, it’s available online, just click on their name highlighted above.

We’d already made our acquaintance with the third product before the exhibition… and we were already keen! This is Turmelicious, a luxurious turmeric latte in four different flavours all available dairy free. We saw the founder, Maggie Howell, pictured here with Annette, pitch to Holland & Barrett (Dragons Den style) and get the thumbs up! So this one should be appearing soon in a shop on your high street. Until then, they’re available from the online store, just click on the red link above.

Graham, ready to advise!

Our near obsession with natural and organic food meant that being at this exhibition was already a highlight made a little more special by meeting the radiantly-healthy-in-real-life Ella Mills (better known as Deliciously Ella), as well as by the unforeseen twists and turns that led to Graham being invited to accompany and advise the food buyer for a certain well-known national health and wellbeing retailer ….


And just to round this up, we’ve also been working on something new. In our case it’s a touch of re-branding, backed up by subtle but significant developments. We’ve changed 2 of our 3 Facebook page names from The Art of Calm Eating and The Art of Calm to The Power of Natural Food and The Power of Awareness respectively. We’ve already dipped a toe in the water with The Power of Natural Food; the one-off class / talk is about to turn into a 3 part series (and will also be available as stand-alone classes), with relevant, and perhaps surprising food samples each time. The classes are:

  • Herbs and Spices
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Fruits and Vegetables

The Power of Awareness is also set to be a 3 part series and will represent an exciting shift to ‘making life happen’, but creatively and without force. The classes in this series are:

  • Awareness
  • Beliefs
  • Resonance

The classes dates will be published on the calendar. The first series will be The Power of Natural Food in June at Clements Hall, York

Yours excitedly

Graham & Annette

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