Spicing Up The Winter!

Can you guess what question we most frequently hear as winter approaches? It’s a perfectly understandable query, and relates to the perceived challenge of eating mostly raw food in the colder months; surely it’s difficult to eat only cold food? Our response has two parts, and the first is that not all of our raw meals are served cold; we frequently have a range of different soups which we blend with fairly hot water, however, it isn’t just the heat of the water (or the dehydrator in the case of certain of our other meals), but also the spices we use that make raw food more appealing in winter. We have become increasingly interested in spices both for their significant contribution to various dishes, and also for their often spectacular medicinal properties: did you know that turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory? That mustard seeds assist circulation? Fenugreek plays a role in lowering blood sugar? Chilli has a thermogenic effect and is thus relevant in weight loss? Coriander helps with digestion? And ginger is a carminative? All of these spices are in the curry powder that we use for some of our soups and also to give a twist to other dishes such as guacamole. The following recipe has been a favourite with us for a while, and there’s rarely any left when we serve it for our guests, so we thought we’d include it here so you can give it a try:

Chunky Curried Guacamole

(adapted from a recipe by Judita Wignall from her book ‘Going Raw’)

2 avocados, chopped

1 tablespoon (15ml) lime juice

1-2 teaspoons of curry powder

sprinkle of sea salt (or Himalayan salt)

1 clove of garlic, crushed

dash of cayenne pepper

1-2 small or medium tomatoes, diced

40g or ¼ cup of diced red onion

2 dates, chopped

Makes 4 servings – Prep time 10 minutes

1. Place the avocados, lime juice, curry powder, salt, garlic and cayenne in a medium-size bowl and mash with a fork

2. Add the tomatoes, onion, and dates and combine gently

3. Adjust flavours if desired according to taste

To store, cover with an airtight seal and place in the fridge. The guacamole should keep in the fridge for 2 days.

Curried Guacamole

We’ll be going into rather more detail on all of the above later this month at the Ilkley Complementary Medical Festival when we will have the stage for an hour on each of the days of the festival! Our talk will be about the power of natural food to heal and transform and the times are as follows:

Saturday October 29th at 2.15

Sunday October 30th at 2.45

After some superb conversations and great participation in each of the talks at the Harrogate Health & Healing Festival last weekend, we are collating some very helpful feedback in response to the Art of Calm Detoxing Program, and we are looking at ways to also make this a three-part class, including lunch, for small groups.

We will keep you informed, but in the meantime, do get in touch if there is anything you would like us to consider in the planning process. We aim to have this up and running for the New Year.

And last but not least, we are running two November courses with an emphasis on getting excited about food that the human body thrives on, alongside Calm Meditation to also contribute to living life more fully and and with greater enjoyment. Please get in touch if either of them is of interest as places are limited. Click here for Calm Saturdays, and here for Calm Tuesdays.

Do come and talk to us if you’re at the Ilkley Festival! Hope to see you there.

 Annette & Graham

The Art of Conscious Living ~ Annette & Graham Henry
The Art of Conscious Living ~ Annette & Graham Henry

The Art of Calm Detoxing – What is it?

We know full well that the word ‘detox’ conjures up a process of restrictive eating, if at all, to cleanse the body and then carry on with life, more often than not, in the same way as before. But this is not what we mean by Calm Detoxing. The detoxing we refer to is a means of moving forward by seeking to resolve the obstacles that prevent us from living more fully. We’ve chosen to lead with The Art of Calm Detoxing for Healthy Weight Loss because of the prevalence of the issue, and because of Graham’s first-hand experience in finally managing his own weight, but this program would have worked equally well for me in progressing through endometriosis, anxiety and insomnia. I know this because I effectively applied the program to myself, but every step of this process was new to me and I was both the coach and the client. It’s little wonder then that the ‘program’ had no foundations and took several years.

What we have here is a combination of our training, our own personal learnings and our experience in all aspects of the program through working with others. An Art of Calm Detox then, may include any of the following depending on personal requirements:

Calm Meditation – Mind Calm & Body Calm and all the related insights

Mind Detox – we place a lot of value on finding and dealing with the root cause of a problem rather than simply attending to symptoms

Food inspiration – we have both benefitted significantly from making lasting changes to how we eat and we know that lasting changes are possible if the changes make a difference, if there is some knowledge to underpin the reasons why, and above all, if the new way of eating can be enjoyable; we love our food! 

The Art of Conscious Living ~ Annette & Graham Henry
The Art of Conscious Living ~ Annette & Graham Henry

I will be outlining some of the above at talks on the Saturday at 10.45 and Sunday at 2.45, at the Harrogate Health & Healing Festival on September 24th & 25th, and I will coach a couple of techniques to ensure that participants have something they can take away and use.

Maybe see you there!


Body Calm ~ Mind Calm ~ Mind Detox & Health ~ Mind Detox for Emotional Responses ~ Mind Detox & Eating Issues ~ Food Matters ~ Raw Food Lunches

Calm Saturdays

How’s your summer going? We hope it’s proving enjoyable, and that you’ve found some time for relaxation and regeneration, commonly known as ‘holiday’, whether away or at home.

What does September signify for you, if anything? You’d be in good company if you regard the coming of September with a tinge of disappointment; it was probably reinforced in our school days that this is the month the holidays end, that the daylight hours start to recede, that nature starts to batten down the hatches for the change in season, and for some, there’s a hint of trepidation as the relative ease associated with summer is replaced with a sense of a faster-paced ‘back-to-the-grind-stone’ transition, that gives way all too quickly to attention to a certain event at the end of December!

What if it’s possible to experience all of this differently? We suggest that it can be. The enjoyment of the here and now is typically disrupted far more by the activity of our minds and their sometimes overwhelming tendencies to look to the past or ahead to what’s coming, than by actual events. And the associated cascade of thinking makes inspiration and creative ideas less likely, resulting more often than not in uninspiring routine, which in turn makes the ‘here and now’ seem dull, rather than vibrant and full of potential. We know from personal experience, and from those we’ve had the privilege to come into contact with through our workshops, that a meditation practice can make a difference, sometimes a very significant difference to the experience of life. It is for this reason that we’re running a unique program in September which we’re calling Calm Saturdays.

Calm Saturdays involves two consecutive Saturdays next month, the 10th and 17th of September during which you can learn the Calm Meditation technique along with all the insights, plus some supporting facts and figures, from Mind Calm and Body Calm. In many ways though, it may be the intervening week that proves to be transformative; learning to meditate is generally considered easy, but as we know, maintaining the momentum to keep going in ‘real life’ is the greater challenge, making the practice week in between the two Saturdays potentially the best teacher of all, especially once it is followed up by the opportunity in the second class to discuss progress, both the ‘good’ and the challenging.

If this is of interest to you, there is an event page on our website with details of the classes including times, prices, information about the optional lunches and the special arrangements we have for anyone who has done a Mind Calm or Body Calm workshop or class with us before; it is our policy to always make our classes more accessible to those who have already completed a class with us.

As always, we are delighted to answer any questions, and hope to see you soon, if not at this event then perhaps at one of the coming fairs in the region.

Calm Saturdays

Summer Berry Bonanza

With the berry season in full swing, and blackberries just starting to make an appearance, we wanted to share a recipe with you that inspired us on the recent Channel 4 ‘Hemsley & Hemsley Sisters’ series. They called it Acai Berry Bowl (the ‘c’ in acai is pronounced as an ‘s’, so pretty much ‘a sigh’… it was a while before we realised that!) and we’ve made it a few times now, never quite the same way on any occasion which is pretty encouraging because it’s been superb every time; there’s nothing like a flexible recipe! However, if you’d like this for breakfast tomorrow morning, it might be a good idea to put a small, chopped banana in the freezer now.

Acai Berry Bowl

The recipe calls for about 2 tablespoons of acai powder but as it also involves a good handful or more of berries, including frozen, it will taste fine without it, too. These go into the blender along with a ripe avocado, a frozen banana, a date or two to add sweetness, 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil according to preference, and 200ml water. Blend until smooth and lovely and top it with …. whatever takes your fancy.

Berry Bowl: vibrant cherries and just-picked blackberries
Berry Bowl: vibrant cherries and just-picked blackberries

We tend to choose more fresh fruit or dried fruit, & or cacao nibs. If you can’t get hold of acai powder, we have tested this with carob powder instead and found this works very well. That’s the beauty of natural food ingredients, the possibilities are endless, and it’s fun to experiment!

While we’re on the subject of frozen bananas … more or less, there’s a non-dairy ice cream recipe on our website, 4th recipe down on the recipes page.

Very locally-grown!
Very locally-grown!

Staying on the subject of food, we’re often asked to demonstrate what we do, and we wondered how to do this in such a way that it would really work. The idea we’ve come up with is actually preparing meals with you in your home with the sorts of natural ingredients that you might have in and using your equipment, so that you can repeat the ideas without the need to invest in lots of new gadgets. How do you feel about having us in your kitchen?? The details of The Art of Raw Food are here.

Something else we’re often asked for is advice and food suggestions for supporting health, such as what to eat if you’ve suddenly decided / needed to eliminate dairy products. Such questions tend to be the easier ones to answer whereas others would require far more than a short, factual answer, as any useful response would need to acknowledge the full spectrum of complexity which may have led to the problem a person is seeking to resolve. We’ve decided therefore to make it possible to do just this through something we’re calling Calm Consultations.

Annette & Graham Henry
Annette & Graham Henry

There is a dedicated Calm Consultations page for this on our website and as always, we’d be very happy to answer any of your questions, especially as this is new.

Meditation coaching is continuing and currently includes two weekly classes for York Nurturing Community. Annette is the facilitator for both classes. The first is a class for tweens and teens (our favourite definition of a ‘tween’ is “too old for toys, too young for boys.” although this appears to highlight just one gender, which is certainly not the case!) The second class is for adults and both of the classes take place on Thursdays throughout the summer holidays. The classes have begun, but are open to new participants at any time during the holiday. These are the Facebook event links: For Tweens and Teens and for adults.

If you’ve looked at either of the Facebook events listed above, you may have seen that they are co-hosted by The Art of Conscious Living which is our new Facebook name. If you’re on Facebook and you’d like to join us, we’d love to see you there! Please like our page, The Art of Conscious Living @derwenthorpewellgood.

Conscious Living

Keeping Calm

There’s an expectation that mid-summer will have elements of carefree living, much of it outdoors in warm or even hot sunshine. June 2016 however, is proving different, and not just because of the weather. We cannot fail to acknowledge the turbulent times in which we find ourselves, both nationally and further afield, and while we ponder on the significance of these ‘wake-up’ calls, we know that peace and compassion must be factored into our lives if we are to progress in greater harmony. Knowing this is one thing, knowing how to respond, what to do, can be quite different, and potentially much more challenging. There is however, one action we can all take right now, and that is to prioritise peace wherever we are. There is increasing understanding, and even evidence, of the beneficial effects of mass meditation on crime and violence which must make us stop and consider that there is perhaps something we can do that really does start with us as individuals. Meditation is not the only route to peace, but it typically encourages more peaceful interactions with others, more compassionate ‘self-talk’, as well as activities and choices that show respect and gratitude for our global home and its resources. With this in mind we have chosen a short poem from Annette’s book ‘Calm InSight’ to share with you.


If you’re interested in learning meditation whether to start your own peace revolution or for health reasons, there are now one-to-one Skype Calm Classes available. These classes are intended for those who can’t, or would prefer not to travel to a workshop, would benefit from the reinforcement and motivation that comes from weekly sessions, or would appreciate the individualised nature of a one-to-one tailored class. There is more detail included on our ‘Class Series’ page, but please also contact us for more information if you have any questions about this.

Mid Summer collage       New Season collage


It is hopefully becoming apparent that ‘The Art of Calm Eating’ also prioritises peace. The peace we refer to here is not a sombre and silent dining experience (we tend to favour something more vibrant and joyful), our choices of food, however, need to be in harmony with our bodies and the world in which we live. For us this means to emphasize natural, real food, free of man-made chemicals, and with an eye to reducing our carbon footprint. The dishes are then prepared with excitement, love, and appreciation, and savoured with those who wish to share in the experience. We aim to bring all of this together with our raw food lunches, to bring our food passion to the table and perhaps inspire others with new ideas. We have a new page on our website  which is exclusively about our raw food lunches, and with the benefit of our experience thus far, we’ve been able to suggest who might enjoy and value the experience.
We are always keen to hear from you about any of the above and about anything else that our website touches on. Please get in touch.  13392043_10154200362398698_2489369896361574960_o

Art of Calm Summer

We fervently believe that the daily experience of eating should confer rewards, not only in terms of the impact on physical health, but equally through the pleasure and enjoyment of creating and savoring beautiful, natural food. So as Derwenthorpe blooms (despite fluctuating temperatures), and there is evidence of a new season in the fruit and veg appearing on shelves in our shops, and in some cases in our gardens, we’re turning our attention to the magnificence and creativity of raw living food. 13087267_10154144092463698_3612667507796789037_o

Derwenthorpe blooms
Derwenthorpe blooms

With this in mind, we’re making summer the ‘Art of Calm Lunch‘ season, and inviting anyone who wants to experience raw food and learn more about it to a 3 course lunch here at Derwenthorpe (to the east of York). We aim to share a variety of dishes with our guests as well as recipes and other relevant information. The price of these lunches is £25 per person and can be arranged to suit, on a Saturday, Sunday or Tuesday throughout the summer months. As we believe food should be enjoyed without rushing, we will allow 2 hours for lunch from arrival to finish commencing at 12.30. There is more here about the food we prioritise, but also see below for our latest soup recipe (raw soup doesn’t have to be served cold!)

Soup Recipe
For this superbly tasty, nourishing soup, we’ve combined carrot with courgette, but as the first recipe on our recipe page indicates, there are other options which work very well, too. 
Courgette & Carrot SoupCourgette & Carrot Soup
1 Courgette
1 Medium Carrot
1 tsp Grated Ginger or Ginger Powder
1 tsp Miso Paste (or more if desired)
1 tsp Lemon Juice
1 tbsp Sesame Oil or Olive Oil
Approx ½ pint of hot (just boiled) Water
Cut courgette and carrot into small chunks and add to blender. Add ginger, miso paste and lemon juice and then add the water. Blend for approx 90 seconds, then test the soup to check it is desired temperature and has properly blended. Continue to blend as required and add more water if necessary.
(Serves 2)
Something new on the horizon …..
Occasionally we’re asked to recommend one of the two Calm classes, Mind Calm or Body Calm, when someone recognises that learning meditation may be relevant to them. The extent of the experience of stress, and consequently the extent of the relevance of meditation sometimes makes it challenging to recommend Body Calm over Mind Calm or vice versa as they each offer numerous powerful insights in addition to the easy to learn meditations. It makes sense, therefore to occasionally bring them together to form a ‘Calm Weekend‘, which we’re now making available for up to 3 participants, and including lunch for the full experience. 
The price to attend is £130 per person; this includes the optional 8 week follow-up.
The timings are: Saturday 10.00 – 5.00pm and Sunday 10.00 – 4.00pm.
If you have attended either Mind Calm or Body Calm with us before, we will adjust the price for you.
The first of these in our calendar is for June 25th & 26th, but as always, we are open to finding mutually convenient weekends to run these classes. 
And finally, the Art of Calm Detoxing for Healthy Weight Loss is still half price for anyone booking in May. We recognise that this is a significant undertaking and we are very happy to discuss it in more detail first (with no requirement to proceed if this is not for you / not right at this time). 

Art of Calm Detoxing for Healthy Weight Loss

Bringing together everything we’re passionate about, we’re proud and excited to be launching the Art of Calm Detoxing for Healthy Weight Loss

Annette & Graham Henry
Annette & Graham Henry

To get started, we’re making the full program available for almost half price for anyone who books before the end of May. Instead of £795, the introductory price is £395.

Please click here or get in touch if you want to know more!

Art Of Calm Class Series


….weekly Art of Calm Classes

We are delighted to present our new Art of Calm Class SeriesThis is a five week course of 90 minute Body Calm classes for a minimum of two and up to three people at our York base and is designed for anyone for whom weekends are unavailable, or for those who prefer the momentum of learning over the course of a few weeks rather than taking everything on board in one day. The program can also be extended by three weeks (making it an 8 week course) to include Mind Calm for the full CALM experience. The classes will be available on selected weekday mornings or weekday afternoons, depending on what works best for those who have registered an interest. Morning classes will begin at 11.00am, afternoon classes will start at 2.00pm. By arranging classes either before or after lunchtime, we can also provide an optional lunch in addition to the class on one, more or all five of the days of the classes.

The price of the five week course is £75, and is payable in advance. If opting for the full 8 week CALM experience, the additional cost is £45, making the total for the program £120 per person. Included in the price, whether for the 5 week or the 8 week course is an optional follow-up by email of 4 weeks with Calm Coach Annette Henry, the aim of which is to help maintain progress and deal with any challenges that may arise once the 5 weeks of classes has ended. Attendance at one of these courses will mean that a participant can return free of charge (spaces permitting) to repeat any classes missed (we hope that anyone booking onto one of these courses will commit to the full five weeks, but equally we know that unexpected events and illnesses do occur and there may be unforeseen absences), or a participant may simply attend the entire course again, or a full-day workshop where there are spaces available for no additional charge. 

The price of an optional lunch is £10 per person (payment can be made on the day, pre-booking of at least 3 days is required so that we can make necessary arrangements). The food we provide is plant-based, living food thus making it suitable for anyone choosing or needing to avoid any animal products (meat, dairy, eggs) as well as being free of any gluten. Please click here for more information about the food we prioritise and why.

We will be launching the Art of Calm Class Series in May, however, if anyone is interested and would like to begin before May, we would be happy to discuss it!

Body Calm

Body Calm is well and truly underway with three events in January: a workshop at the Yorkshire Holistic Therapy Centre, another at K2 Development in Solihull, and a class including lunch at our York base. All were enthusiastically received and participants are already making use of the optional follow-up. Please see our Calendar and Events page for more workshops, Art of Calm Experience classes and other events between now and the spring.

Body Calm ... 8 Hidden Causes of Stress, Quick Start Cures, The Meditation Technique, The Embodying Exercise & the Directories
Body Calm … 8 Hidden Causes of Stress, Quick Start Cures, The Meditation Technique, The Embodying Exercise & the Directories

“I was delighted with the  Workshop.  Annette has a lovely, honest and straightforward teaching style. The group seemed very relaxed and happy to offer comments at appropriate times.  I feel this first workshop was a great launch for what I hope will be an ongoing event at the Centre.” ~ Bernadette Bennison, Owner of Yorkshire Holistic Therapy Centre

Wellgood Ambassadors

The Class That Pays You Back …..

As we get into full swing with our CALM classes and workshops in 2016, we would like to make an additional offer to our participants. Alongside the offer of an optional follow-up after a class, we will also be asking participants if they would like to be Wellgood Ambassadors. Anyone opting to do this will be sent details of future workshops and classes so that they can pass on details to friends, colleagues, social media contacts and so on, then any bookings arising as a consequence of doing so, will result in a  £10 payment per participant who attends a class.

We will be launching the Wellgood Ambassador initiative at the Body Calm Workshop Saturday 23rd at the Yorkshire Holistic Centre in Pateley Bridge.

In practice this means that if you attend this full day workshop, you can opt to receive details of future Body Calm workshops which you can then share on Facebook, Twitter, post on noticeboards, talk about …whatever method best suits your personality, and whatever you’re comfortable with. We already know that people who experience changes as a result of taking on board a meditation practice are very well placed to convey the benefits of what they have learnt, and we therefore believe that this may be a way of maintaining momentum with your own practice, not to mention the potential to recoup some, or even all, of the cost of your own attendance at the workshop. Details of how to proceed will be made available at the end of the workshop.

Whilst this is a new initiative, it will apply to anyone who attended a Mind Calm workshop with us last year or the year before. Please let us know if you would like to be part of this and we’ll let you know about forthcoming Mind Calm classes and workshops.

We look forward to working with you!

~ Annette & Graham