Raw Food Lunches

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Most of us know a thing or two about the potential improvements to health from eating more plant-based foods, and increasingly, we’re recognising the wider positive impacts of eating this way, so there’s no better time than right now to get excited about trying more plant-based meals.

We offer 3 course raw lunches for up to 4 people here at Derwenthorpe. Our aims are to create dishes first and foremost that are enjoyable – some of our guests come exclusively for the pleasure of trying imaginatively prepared dishes, but just as importantly we want to inspire those who wish to be inspired, whether their question is ‘Why eat more plants?’ or ‘How do we do it?’ Feedback from guests would suggest that this is indeed happening:

“Thank you both for the tastiest meal I’ve ever eaten. The colours, smells and textures of the stunning dishes you placed before us will live long in my memory.”

“I would thoroughly recommend lunch at Annette and Graham’s, for the vibrant food, charming mentors and the knowledge and experience you can take away with you.”

“This is not just eating, this is becoming enchanted by a feast for the senses!”

“Boy if only I could bottle the motivation and enthusiasm that I feel when I have spent time with you both!”

The full testimonials and others not included above can be found here.

Please contact us  either to find out more, or to make a booking with us.

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