Summer Berry Bonanza

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With the berry season in full swing, and blackberries just starting to make an appearance, we wanted to share a recipe with you that inspired us on the recent Channel 4 ‘Hemsley & Hemsley Sisters’ series. They called it Acai Berry Bowl (the ‘c’ in acai is pronounced as an ‘s’, so pretty much ‘a sigh’… it was a while before we realised that!) and we’ve made it a few times now, never quite the same way on any occasion which is pretty encouraging because it’s been superb every time; there’s nothing like a flexible recipe! However, if you’d like this for breakfast tomorrow morning, it might be a good idea to put a small, chopped banana in the freezer now.

Acai Berry Bowl

The recipe calls for about 2 tablespoons of acai powder but as it also involves a good handful or more of berries, including frozen, it will taste fine without it, too. These go into the blender along with a ripe avocado, a frozen banana, a date or two to add sweetness, 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil according to preference, and 200ml water. Blend until smooth and lovely and top it with …. whatever takes your fancy.

Berry Bowl: vibrant cherries and just-picked blackberries
Berry Bowl: vibrant cherries and just-picked blackberries

We tend to choose more fresh fruit or dried fruit, & or cacao nibs. If you can’t get hold of acai powder, we have tested this with carob powder instead and found this works very well. That’s the beauty of natural food ingredients, the possibilities are endless, and it’s fun to experiment!

While we’re on the subject of frozen bananas … more or less, there’s a non-dairy ice cream recipe on our website, 4th recipe down on the recipes page.

Very locally-grown!
Very locally-grown!

Staying on the subject of food, we’re often asked to demonstrate what we do, and we wondered how to do this in such a way that it would really work. The idea we’ve come up with is actually preparing meals with you in your home with the sorts of natural ingredients that you might have in and using your equipment, so that you can repeat the ideas without the need to invest in lots of new gadgets. How do you feel about having us in your kitchen?? The details of The Art of Raw Food are here.

Something else we’re often asked for is advice and food suggestions for supporting health, such as what to eat if you’ve suddenly decided / needed to eliminate dairy products. Such questions tend to be the easier ones to answer whereas others would require far more than a short, factual answer, as any useful response would need to acknowledge the full spectrum of complexity which may have led to the problem a person is seeking to resolve. We’ve decided therefore to make it possible to do just this through something we’re calling Calm Consultations.

Annette & Graham Henry
Annette & Graham Henry

There is a dedicated Calm Consultations page for this on our website and as always, we’d be very happy to answer any of your questions, especially as this is new.

Meditation coaching is continuing and currently includes two weekly classes for York Nurturing Community. Annette is the facilitator for both classes. The first is a class for tweens and teens (our favourite definition of a ‘tween’ is “too old for toys, too young for boys.” although this appears to highlight just one gender, which is certainly not the case!) The second class is for adults and both of the classes take place on Thursdays throughout the summer holidays. The classes have begun, but are open to new participants at any time during the holiday. These are the Facebook event links: For Tweens and Teens and for adults.

If you’ve looked at either of the Facebook events listed above, you may have seen that they are co-hosted by The Art of Conscious Living which is our new Facebook name. If you’re on Facebook and you’d like to join us, we’d love to see you there! Please like our page, The Art of Conscious Living @derwenthorpewellgood.

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