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Keeping Calm

There’s an expectation that mid-summer will have elements of carefree living, much of it outdoors in warm or even hot sunshine. June 2016 however, is proving different, and not just because of the weather. We cannot fail to acknowledge the turbulent times in which we find ourselves, both nationally and further afield, and while we ponder on the significance of these ‘wake-up’ calls, we know that peace and compassion must be factored into our lives if we are to progress in greater harmony. Knowing this is one thing, knowing how to respond, what to do, can be quite different, and potentially much more challenging. There is however, one action we can all take right now, and that is to prioritise peace wherever we are. There is increasing understanding, and even evidence, of the beneficial effects of mass meditation on crime and violence which must make us stop and consider that there is perhaps something we can do that really does start with us as individuals. Meditation is not the only route to peace, but it typically encourages more peaceful interactions with others, more compassionate ‘self-talk’, as well as activities and choices that show respect and gratitude for our global home and its resources. With this in mind we have chosen a short poem from Annette’s book ‘Calm InSight’ to share with you.


If you’re interested in learning meditation whether to start your own peace revolution or for health reasons, there are now one-to-one Skype Calm Classes available. These classes are intended for those who can’t, or would prefer not to travel to a workshop, would benefit from the reinforcement and motivation that comes from weekly sessions, or would appreciate the individualised nature of a one-to-one tailored class. There is more detail included on our ‘Class Series’ page, but please also contact us for more information if you have any questions about this.

Mid Summer collage       New Season collage


It is hopefully becoming apparent that ‘The Art of Calm Eating’ also prioritises peace. The peace we refer to here is not a sombre and silent dining experience (we tend to favour something more vibrant and joyful), our choices of food, however, need to be in harmony with our bodies and the world in which we live. For us this means to emphasize natural, real food, free of man-made chemicals, and with an eye to reducing our carbon footprint. The dishes are then prepared with excitement, love, and appreciation, and savoured with those who wish to share in the experience. We aim to bring all of this together with our raw food lunches, to bring our food passion to the table and perhaps inspire others with new ideas. We have a new page on our website  which is exclusively about our raw food lunches, and with the benefit of our experience thus far, we’ve been able to suggest who might enjoy and value the experience.
We are always keen to hear from you about any of the above and about anything else that our website touches on. Please get in touch.  13392043_10154200362398698_2489369896361574960_o