Talking, Broadcasting …and Fatigue

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What a memorable summer this has turned out to be .. because of the weather! How often do we get to say that? As well as enjoying the sun, buying fabulous produce and growing some of our own to put truly fresh fruits and vegetables on our plates, we’ve also engaged in something we really value: sharing our passion with others.

Seeing just one person become inspired to make some changes is incredibly rewarding, so perhaps not surprisingly, having the chance to reach more people at one time is an opportunity we typically grasp with enthusiasm. We’ve talked this summer to various groups about a range of our favourite topics: the three ‘M’s for managing stress better, herbs & spices, nuts & seeds, fruits & vegetables, living the sweet life without refined sugar, and the why and how of eating mainly raw food. The groups have been as small as 3 (great for interaction) to groups of 30+ and the most recent one may have reached a larger audience still .. but that depends on how many people listen to BBC Radio Humberside’s Culture Evening* programme which last week was all about food, and Annette had the good fortune to be interviewed about our food and why we do it!

We continue to extend our range of talks, and are keen to keep doing it. Please do get in touch if you know of a group that might appreciate having us as guest speakers, whether in the workplace or at a more social gathering. The Henry Talks page covers the sorts of areas we love to talk about.

*Here’s the link to the BBC Humberside programme for anyone interested in listening. It was played in two parts, the first at around 1 hour 33 minutes in and again 2 hours 40 minutes in. There are still a couple of weeks left to listen.

Resolving endometriosis through food is spectacular, but when Graham used the same way of eating and lost a significant amount of weight, the results were spectacular and highly visible! There’s more on this in the radio broadcast.





Finally, Annette is privileged to be involved in the Salus Fatigue Foundation’s endeavours to go national. The Foundation which started in the West Midlands, established for people with ME / CFS and other related chronic conditions is establishing a group here in York. Annette is the volunteer support group facilitator and it is hoped that the workshops, educational classes and special events that have been so well received in Birmingham and the West Midlands will grow from this. The first group will be on Thursday September 20th at 11.00am and will be in room 6 at the rather fabulous Explore Library at the Burnholme Centre.  Please pass this on to anyone who might it find it useful. For practical information, Annette can be contacted via Salus have a presence on Facebook and Twitter.