Art of Calm Detoxing

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Detoxing often centres around giving up certain foods for a short period of time and then re-introducing them once the body has, hopefully, cleansed. The detoxing we refer to may also have a cleansing effect but it is more typically a clearing out of old patterns of behaviour, habits, beliefs that no longer serve us, and emotional blockages that keep a person ‘stuck’ and unable to live more fully. The Art of Calm Detoxing therefore, is a ten week program designed to step in where other interventions may have fallen short of the mark by failing to address the whole person, and will include any or all of the following:

Calm Meditation – Mind Calm & Body Calm and all the related insights

Mind Detox – we place a lot of value on finding and dealing with the root cause of a problem rather than simply attending to symptoms

Food inspiration – we, Graham and Annette, have both benefitted significantly from making lasting changes to how we eat and we know that such changes are possible if they make a difference, if there is some knowledge to underpin the reasons why, and above all, if the new way of eating can be enjoyable; we love our food!

We illustrate the program in a little more detail in The Art of Calm Detoxing for Healthy Weight Loss, but it may apply equally to other matters that can be improved by a ‘whole person’ approach. We would want to discuss with you first the suitability of such a program for whatever you are experiencing, so that we can make a mutual decision about whether this is an appropriate course for you. If you do decide to proceed, then the 10 week program would be as follows:

What can you expect?

This comprehensive and life-changing program is over a ten week period to enable you to incorporate new ideas gradually but with the momentum of 5 consultation sessions with us spread out over that time to support you and to serve as a catalyst for further progress. The consultation sessions of three hours, including a meal, will be arranged to suit availability but will ideally be every other week.

During the course of the program you will:

  • Receive a personalised program to address your needs
  • Have a specially prepared lunch with us each time you visit (we could arrange for one of the meals to be a breakfast if an earlier session would suit you on any of your consultation days).
  • Find out about possible new ways of preparing meals with natural food, and why this kind of eating can make a real difference.
  • Learn techniques and insights from both Mind Calm and Body Calm
  • Experience the Mind Detox Method to work on any emotional blocks and limiting beliefs.
  • Have 24/7 email access to both of us throughout the 10 weeks with the option to arrange phone or Skype calls to discuss any issues that may arise.
What will the program cost?

The price of this full 10 week program is £795, with an initial amount of £45 (non-refundable) payable for an exploratory consultation of 1 hour to determine what is the right approach for you in order to derive maximum benefit from the program. This will leave a balance of £750 which can be paid either as a one-off payment, or spread over three or more instalments as agreed between us.

Please contact us to get started or to find out more.

If a more accessible version of this program appeals to you ie with fewer formal sessions, a lower cost and a small group setting, then the course starting in January might be a suitable option for you. There are event details here.

The Art of Conscious Living ~ Annette & Graham Henry
The Art of Conscious Living ~ Annette & Graham Henry