The Art of Calm Detoxing – What is it?

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We know full well that the word ‘detox’ conjures up a process of restrictive eating, if at all, to cleanse the body and then carry on with life, more often than not, in the same way as before. But this is not what we mean by Calm Detoxing. The detoxing we refer to is a means of moving forward by seeking to resolve the obstacles that prevent us from living more fully. We’ve chosen to lead with The Art of Calm Detoxing for Healthy Weight Loss because of the prevalence of the issue, and because of Graham’s first-hand experience in finally managing his own weight, but this program would have worked equally well for me in progressing through endometriosis, anxiety and insomnia. I know this because I effectively applied the program to myself, but every step of this process was new to me and I was both the coach and the client. It’s little wonder then that the ‘program’ had no foundations and took several years.

What we have here is a combination of our training, our own personal learnings and our experience in all aspects of the program through working with others. An Art of Calm Detox then, may include any of the following depending on personal requirements:

Calm Meditation – Mind Calm & Body Calm and all the related insights

Mind Detox – we place a lot of value on finding and dealing with the root cause of a problem rather than simply attending to symptoms

Food inspiration – we have both benefitted significantly from making lasting changes to how we eat and we know that lasting changes are possible if the changes make a difference, if there is some knowledge to underpin the reasons why, and above all, if the new way of eating can be enjoyable; we love our food! 

The Art of Conscious Living ~ Annette & Graham Henry
The Art of Conscious Living ~ Annette & Graham Henry

I will be outlining some of the above at talks on the Saturday at 10.45 and Sunday at 2.45, at the Harrogate Health & Healing Festival on September 24th & 25th, and I will coach a couple of techniques to ensure that participants have something they can take away and use.

Maybe see you there!


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