The Power of Awareness

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What is it?

The short answer is that the Power of Awareness is about experiencing life rather than thinking about it. This is especially relevant when thinking is unrelated to the activity we’re engaged in which, according to a Harvard Study, is around 50% of the day for many of us. This mis-alignment between what we’re doing and what we’re thinking is known to be a source of unhappiness. But we have ‘neuroplastic’ trainable brains (at any age) and can therefore train awareness.

What is awareness training, and what isn’t it?

It is training the mind to be aware of its activity, rather than being swept along by the cascades of thoughts that have a tendency to impact on our peace and, not infrequently, our enjoyment of life. It is not a means of emptying the mind of all thoughts, for the simple reason that this is not possible for most mortals, and neither is it necessary; even if we choose to train to ‘Olympic Standard’ the purpose is to spend more time in awareness of whatever is happening in the ‘now’ moment, and this includes any chatter going on in our minds; this is possible and it is this that gives relief to so many from the stressful ruminations that seem to take control and which, over the long-term create states of anxiety, sleeplessness, and even physical illness.

But becoming more aware isn’t just a remedial intervention for when life proves to be challenging, it is the means to living a more enhanced life. The simple ability to choose when to think and when to let go of thinking makes total focus possible – ask any sportsperson about being ‘in the zone’ and it soon becomes clear that training the mind is every bit as important to them as training the body. And when the mind is quieter the enhanced state of awareness allows for more seeing, hearing and feeling such that gut instinct and heart resonance are more apparent, and they in turn, can be a powerful source of guidance. This is the basis for our three part class series The Power of Awareness. Although we recommend attendance at all three classes for optimum effect, they are also stand-alone classes:

  • Class 1 – Awareness 

What it means for us, what research can tell us, how it impacts on health, happiness and creativity, and how to train it.

  • Class 2 – Beliefs

A mostly light-hearted look at what we actually believe and how it impacts on nearly everything! And how not to be afraid of becoming aware of the more difficult beliefs that maybe contribute to keeping us stuck.

  • Class 3 – Resonance 

This class includes any evidence we can find, both anecdotal and research-based to demonstrate that we are intuitive beings and have an inner guidance system that conditioning and education have persuaded us to ignore in favour of logical, linear mind-based approaches. What might we be missing out on by limiting ourselves in this way?

Please get in touch with us if you would like one or more of these classes to be delivered for a group and venue of your choice. Please see the Henry Talks page for pricing information.

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