The Power of Natural Food Class

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The Power of Natural Food  is a 3 part class series, available as the full series of 3, or individually, and is likely to be of interest to anyone wishing to be inspired whether for health reasons, ethical considerations or simply for the enjoyment of experimenting with new ideas. We bring food samples with us to these classes to demonstrate some of the ways in which the ingredients can be used to create exciting and health-promoting snacks and dishes. Our food is primarily raw and our ingredients are organic, meaning the samples we make available are nutrient dense, minimally processed and only include natural ingredients.

The series consists of the following classes:

Herbs & Spices

This class aims to bring herbs and spices to the forefront of our consciousness to see the spectacular effects of these foods which have typically been relegated to be little more than condiments and flavour enhancers in modern day cuisine. Herbs and spices have medicinal properties that have been established over centuries of use in various cultures; maybe we could be making better use of these stunningly flavoursome foods?

Nuts & Seeds

In this class we hope to dispel some of the myths around nuts and seeds. We will talk about ‘activating’ them for better digestion, and we will emphasize their potential in a vegan diet, or one where dairy is avoided, as well as demonstrating the significant scope of nuts and seeds in reducing or replacing grains in the diet. Our samples will be examples of what can be done with the appropriate kitchen equipment, and will also include some that can be achieved with the more standard tools, so that you can try some  at home.

Fruits & Vegetables

We may be getting the message loud and clear that we should be eating more of these, but fruits, and particularly vegetables typically get little more than a supporting role in most menus. We want to change this, to give them a starring role by preparing them in ways that demonstrate their vibrancy, and by continuing to include them in dishes where they aren’t found typically but work fabulously well, and so help to make the ‘5 a day’ recommendation seem like a walk in the park!

Please check the Calendar & Events page for dates and venues for classes, or get in touch with us if you would like one or more of these classes to be delivered for a group and venue of your choice. Please see the Henry Talks page for pricing information.

If you want to join us on our Facebook page dedicated to The Power of Natural Food, we’d love to see you there!