The Power of Nature for Menopause

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There’s something unusual about menopause, and it’s unusual because it’s rarely discussed; it’s our cultural perception of what menopause means (as opposed to what it is), which in turn, influences the way many women experience this transition and its aftermath.

Did you know that Japanese women report few or no symptoms of menopause? We’ve always considered this to be related to the food they eat, compared with the typical British diet and this assumption certainly isn’t without foundation, but it may not be the full story; the Japanese language doesn’t include direct translations for menopause or hot flushes. Could this be relevant? We think it could. We believe that the way we collectively think about, and relate to this event in women’s lives may play a role in how it is experienced.

In this two hour class then, we certainly will highlight the role of natural food in managing this natural transition, with samples of some of the foods that can be particularly supportive, but we will also bring some awareness to the images and terminology that surround ‘the change’ and perhaps exchange some discouraging perceptions of this phase of life for others which are more optimistic and life-enhancing. 

We are making two dates available for this class and depending on numbers, we will run either one or both of the classes. If you are interested, please let us know which of the dates you prefer OR if both dates are suitable so that we can ensure you’re booked onto a class that will go ahead. Please see below for dates and cost for this class.

The class will be run by Annette & Graham Henry. Annette realised almost two decades ago when she completely overhauled her diet to (successfully) reverse endometriosis that what she was learning about food and hormone balance would likely be relevant for managing the menopause, and this has proven to be the case. Graham answers questions several times a week about foods and herbs that can be beneficial in dealing with the various symptoms of menopause. Both of them have experienced a significant life transition and understand the fear it can engender, but equally they know the excitement of living and working with new purpose.

The class will be held at Derwenthorpe. 

The dates are: – Sunday 21st January  OR Saturday 27th January

Start time: 10.00am

Finish time: Midday

The cost is £15 per person which is payable in advance and will guarantee your booking.

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The Power of Nature for Menopause Class – £15