The Power & The Glory!

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We’re in full celebratory mood in terms of food, and we’re mad keen to share it, so we’ve got few things on the calendar which celebrate natural food, each under the heading of The Power of Natural Food.

The first is a ‘Pay As you Feel’ event on Saturday May 13th and it’s at a venue that’s about as close to home as we can be: the Super Sustainability Centre at Derwenthorpe in York. It’s a one hour introduction for absolutely anyone, but we anticipate it being of interest to those who would like to be eating more plant-based, natural food whether for health or ethical reasons, or both. We want it to be inspiring and therefore we’ll be bringing some samples with us. There are additional details here if you want to know a bit more about the samples and what we’ll be talking about.

We’re following this up with 3 classes in June, also in York but this time at Clements Hall which is closer to the centre of town. We want to go into some detail in these classes and really highlight some foods that frequently get second class treatment, but which, with some creativity, can be spectacular. The classes are as follows: (any of these links will take you to the full description).

And by the way, if you heard a certain Annette Henry contributing to the ‘clean eating’ debate on the Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 shortly before news of the general election took centre stage on all our national news and current affairs programmes, it was indeed our Annette Henry; delighted to have been asked.

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