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http://feveda.com.ve/mefistofel/2238 Alongside the offer of an optional follow-up after a Mind Calm or Body Calm class, we will also be asking participants if they would like to be http://tjez.gob.mx/perdakosis/5606 Wellgood Ambassadors. Anyone opting to do this will be sent details of future workshops and classes so that they can pass on details to friends, colleagues, social media contacts and so on, then any bookings arising as a consequence of doing so, will result in a  £10 payment per participant who attends a class.

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trading binarie con demo gratuito In practice this means that if you attend a full day workshop or class, you can opt to receive details of future Body Calm or Mind Calm workshops which you can then share on Facebook, Twitter, post on noticeboards, talk about …whatever method best suits your personality, and whatever you’re comfortable with. We already know that people who experience changes as a result of taking on board a meditation practice are very well placed to convey the benefits of what they have learnt, and we therefore believe that this may be a way of maintaining momentum with your own practice, not to mention the potential to recoup some, or even all, of the cost of your own attendance at the workshop. Details of how to proceed will be made available at the end of any class or workshop.

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http://fgsk.de/?kraevid=binaerhandel&852=34 Whilst this is a new initiative that we have launched alongside Body Calm, it applies to anyone who attended a Mind Calm workshop with us last year or the year before. We are also applying this scheme to Calm Consultations, meaning you could recoup some of the cost of your consultation should others book with us for this as a result of hearing about it from you. Please let us know if you would like to be part of this.

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Annette coaching Mind Calm
Annette coaching Mind Calm
Calm Class in Ulverston
Calm Class in Ulverston