Wellgood Equipment

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Although we try to ensure that most of our recommended ‘try at home’ recipes don’t require specialist kitchen equipment, many of our class participants and lunch guests are interested to find out more about what we use and some even go ahead and buy their own! It seems relevant, therefore, to have a page showing some of the less standard kitchen equipment and tools that make raw food preparation a little easier and certainly more exciting!


The more powerful the blender, the better for so many raw recipes, but don’t be put off by having a less powerful one; many recipes will still work, or will work well with a little adjustment. The best known (and most expensive) industrial-powered blender is almost certainly Vitamix and those who have one, generally speak very highly of it. For a good £100 less, we bought an Omniblend, pictured left, and we have used it consistently on pretty much a daily basis for about 4 years. We love it! The Omniblend website has plenty of information and a demonstration video.




It is definitely possible to eat a high raw diet without a dehydrator, but we’re really not sorry we invested in one. We love being able to make crisps, crackers, pie cases, breads, biscuits and so much more whilst preserving much of the nutrient value of the ingredients which would otherwise be destroyed by cooking. It makes sense for us to have a large dehydrating oven as we make a lot for ourselves and other people. Ours is an Excalibur with 9 shelves, but smaller ones are available. There are also plenty of other dehydrators on the market these days, some of which are very affordable. There are advantages to having a square dehydrator (such as ours pictured above), but there are several other shapes and sizes available which may be more suitable especially where kitchen space is at a premium. To find out more about the Excalibur dehydrator, the link here will take you to UK Juicers who supply a range of kitchen equipment for a ‘health conscious’ kitchen.


Annette Henry – hand a blur on the spiraliser

A spiraliser is far from essential but it is fun and can certainly add variety. There are so many available now, you’re likely to be spoilt for choice and they range from hand-held to electric. Ours, from Lurch, falls somewhere between the two. It requires manual operation, but has a choice of blades and is quite robust. The Amazon link for this spiraliser gives plenty of detail as well as showing related products at the bottom of the page.