Wellgood Food Heroes

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These are the people who inspire us, not just through their beautiful food, but also because of who they are and what they’re achieving, all here in the UK. The list is alphabetical as prioritsing would be impossible!

Amy Levin

Amy Levin has shown us how to make raw chocolate. Regretably, we haven’t (yet) attended a live course with her, but we have her recipes and her videos with Russell James have proven to be a great starting point for learning how to make raw chocolate creations. She appears to have made the UK her home and has worked previously with the Raw Chocolate Company; it’s not surprising that she’s such a personality in the raw chocolate arena. Her web page is called Ooosha and it’s worth a look!


Dani Mitchell

We already knew the mighty atom that is Dani Mitchell, having worked collaboratively with her on a few occasions in 2013, before she invited us to join her in London to help with feeding the 500 … guests at a David Wolfe masterclass in 2014. She had prepared everything that could be prepared in advance by herself in a small kitchen in Saltburn where she now has runs workshops and a small shop within Saltburn’s Earthbeat Centre. She’s impressive and we’re glad we know her. All her food creations are raw food, including a 3 course lunch delivery service to anyone living locally. Her Facebook page Dani Delights has plenty of photos showcasing what she does.


Deliciously Ella

If natural, plant-based food appeals to you, but full-on raw isn’t quite what you want to be doing, Ella Mills has most probably got some ideas that would appeal. She significantly changed the way she eats when nothing seemed to be available medically to help her recover from the poorly understood illness known as PoTS and now it’s not just her food blog that’s taken off, she also has books in well-known bookshops and a small chain of Delis in London that she runs with her husband Matt. Having met her briefly at the Natural & Organic Products Exhibition in London, we can vouch for her radiant, healthy glow and her passion for what she does. There are plenty of recipes on her Deliciously Ella website. Enjoy!

Hemsley & Hemsley

You may have seen these two on Channel 4 demonstrating recipes and talking about food. They’re quite entertaining ….! Their brand of natural food extends beyond plant-based only food to include meat, fish and dairy, and not suprisingly, it isn’t all raw but we have enjoyed making some of the recipes that fit well with our priorities – mostly plant-based and mostly raw.  Hemsley & Hemsley are young, attractive sisters, as opposed to Henry & Henry … that’s us!

Kate Magic

Kate Wood, better known now as Kate Magic must be one of the best known (the best known?) raw foodies in the UK. She has a couple of decades of experience behind her and has been fully raw since the 1990s. As with many of our favourites she is completely passionate about what she does without trying to persuade anyone that her way is the only way … because it probably isn’t. An early copy of her book Eat Smart Eat Raw was the first raw food book in our house, even before we embraced raw food ourselves and it was almost certainly bought in a small branch of Waterstones in Barrow-in-Furness! It may come as no surprise then that in addition to her personal website (highlighted above), she also has a raw food and superfood resource called Raw Living which is a very good place to find some of the less available items, locally at least, that contribute to our own creations.

Renee Preston
Raw Food Retreat, North Wales

Renee was a force for change in our lives. We initially met her at a festival in York and quickly booked on a raw food retreat that she was hosting in Wales in 2012. It was this experience that really switched us on to raw food. Since then we’ve kept in contact with Renee. She’s married now and has a beautiful baby boy and continues to build Raw Chi Lifestyle which includes classes, retreats and blends of superfoods from her on-line shop.




Russell James

This man is teaching us a lot of what we know! It’s not just about recipes, but also techniques, equipment advice and any other useful tips that help with the process of making raw food creations. He’s best known as The Raw Chef and has a passion for encouraging the transition from eating … not so healthily to eating well and feeling great. What’s not to like?! He’s put together a number of on-line courses with detailed videos and this is how Russell has influenced us again, and again, and again. There are plenty of free recipes on The Raw Chef website, and they’re generally really easy to follow.