Wellgood Friends

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This is where we celebrate some of the spectacular people who have come into our lives either through their work, our work or any other way. We’ll give you a brief outline of how we know them and why we think they’re special. We’re going to put them in alphabetical order as choosing an order would just be too difficult!

The first is April Birch who we first met at one of the Ilkley Complimentary Medical Festivals. She’s a DoTerra Wellness Advocate which means she’s our go-to person for gorgeous essential oils – safe enough to put in food, and we do … especially in raw chocolate. And that’s how we met her – she’s a big chocolate fan, and we were selling Ombars at the time. The DoTerra oils are really special, but April is exceptional, and we’re really glad to know her.

In addition to her website, April also has a page on Facebook


Next, please meet Sally Duffin. We’re mad keen about natural food and love to share this passion with anyone who will listen, but what we’re not able to do is to offer nutritional therapy, and food intolerance testing. Sally, however, is fully qualified to do all this which is great, but she even exceeds all that with her gentle competence. She is capable and kind, and we’re very glad we met her, not in York where she’s based, but at a festival in Harrogate.

She has a dedicated website: Nutrition in York and on Twitter, she’s @nutritioninyork


The next isn’t one person, but a small group of inspiring people, Emily Deckers, & partner Josh Leppan, and Melody Robinson and Fiona Shaw who have collectively formed York Nurturing Community. The community aims to help people connect with others, and become more informed and empowered through these connections and the classes and events available. And this his how we know YNC; Annette has coached a series of mindfulness classes as part of their offering and therefore has seen first-hand the drive and energy that these four seem to have in abundance, and which has been just what was needed to get the community launched. This is good news for York and currently very good news for Derwenthorpe as much of the activity takes place here!

In addition to the website, there’s a Facebook page and they’re on Twitter as the YNC Collective @ync_org_uk