Wrapping It Up!

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The combination of an impending birthday, and the not-so-suprising news that a lot of wrapping paper cannot be recycled made us stop and think. Plastic coatings, shiny foil, glitter and of course sellotape all contribute to the unsuitability of wrapping paper for recycling once the present is unwrapped and then, as it can rarely serve any other useful purpose, it’s destined for landfill. When David Attenborough demonstrated that our blue planet is now a speckled one, and that the speckled bits are plastic which is harming our marine life and working its way into our food chain, lots of us took notice, and the uplifting news is that this hasn’t simply become a hand-wringing response; people are taking action!

A bag with a larger wrap

As a response to our passion for a more environmentally-friendly, and indeed beautiful alternative to mass-produced gift-wrap (not to mention numerous other uses eg.as bags, picnic tablecloths, bottleholders), we asked the immensely talented and creative Jane Loewy if she might be able to help us to offer a fresh concept in wrapping that is inspired by the Japanese art of Furoshiki.


Jane Loewy
Yoga Mat Bags

Jane is Annette’s sister and she was already making yoga mat bags and larger-than-usual lavender pillows, so we asked her what she thought of this idea and within two days of mentioning the idea, a prototype landed on our door mat. We have already made good use of ours and want to make the idea available to others either in the form of inspiration to make them or to buy them, for those of us who are not so adept with a sewing machine. This is not mass production and each pack is unique which we hope will add to the beauty of this additional gift wrapped around a present for a valued recipient.

We have a number of the smaller, 50cm x 50cm double-sided wraps for sale in various designs. Price for a single pack is £5.50 and £10 for a pack of 2 plus p&p. Also included is a short description of what it is, a blank gift-tag with each sheet, a ribbon-tie and a diagrammatic instruction sheet with 14 different folding suggestions. Please get in touch if you are interested in one of these packs or if you would like a large wrap / pack of 2 large wraps: one large double-sided wrap is £13 or £10 for a large single-sided wrap. The large wraps are 1 square metre.