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How much more comfortable is the prospect of attending a class or talk if you have at least an idea of who will be presenting it? We’ve often recognised the relevance of this, but only recently have we found a way of doing something about it. This is what has inspired us to set up our own YouTube Channel with short unscripted videos on a range of the subjects that are important or just interesting to us. For example, in preparation for a talk next month on the subject of Chronic Fatigue, we’ve posted a conversation about something that’s (perhaps somewhat inevitably) overlooked. Here, Graham talks candidly about what it’s been like for him to live with someone who has Chronic Fatigue.

The Facebook link to the event itself is here. We are keen to convey that this talk, whilst intended primarily for those experiencing Chronic Fatigue, is also open to family and friends of those who have it. The class is on Monday February 18th. By all means share the Facebook link above with anyone who might appreciate knowing about it.

And finally, if you want to take a look at the evolving YouTube Channel, you can find it here.