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Monday March 4thCalm InSightDiminishing the Effects of Stress, Anxiety and Panic 

This one hour talk will  be held at the Friargate Meeting House on Friargate, near Cliffords Tower, in York at 10.30 in the Lonsdale Room


We know that anxiety and other stress-related responses are widespread, but do we always know why? Why do we cope with life differently, not only compared with other people, but also compared with our previous selves? If we suffer with anxiety more than other people, or more than we used to, does this point to some kind of character flaw? Graham and Annette are quite certain that it doesn’t.

This talk then will look at:

    • Some of the diverse reasons why we experience anxiety
    • What we can do to reduce its effects
    • What meditation is and why it may be a very good idea, but not the only answer to dealing with the effects of stress
    • The role of food and why it can make a difference
    • Other simple strategies and suggestions for feeling calmer

This is a one hour talk by Annette & Graham Henry aka Henry & Henry. Both have experienced anxiety and other related conditions over the course of their adult lives and each of them has had to find ways to respond to these experiences. Annette is a qualified CALM meditation coach and her book, Calm InSight,  provides the inspiration for the title of this talk.

The charge is £8.00 per person and pre-booking is required. Should you need to cancel, the fee is refundable up to one week before the talk . Please do get in touch to make any enquiries and we will respond as quickly as possible. Your questions may also be anonymously alluded to in the talk if they can be incorporated within the framework above.

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