Chronic Fatigue

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Monday February 18th Chronic Fatigue The Mystery Illness Explored 

This one hour talk will  be held at the Friargate Meeting House on Friargate, near Cliffords Tower, in York at 10.30 in the Lonsdale Room


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has undergone more than one name change since its prevalence became apparent in recent decades. As well as there being no known medical cure for it, there’s also no accepted understanding of what causes it. We do know that this condition has a multiple system effect on those who experience it, and we know that its effects vary significantly from person to person. For any chance of meaningful progress, many people are looking not only to the medical world, but also more widely to other possible means of support. This talk will look at some of the non-medical options for coping better with Chronic Fatigue and to maybe enhance the recovery process.

The talk will consider:

      • Which supplements can be supportive and why
      • Some of the known symptoms and why they are so diverse
      • The cause / trigger many people are talking about
      • Which lifestyle and dietary changes can make a difference and why they might help
      • What it feels like to live with someone who has the condition

This is a one hour talk by Annette & Graham Henry aka Henry & Henry. Graham has been offering advice to people with CFS and fibromyalgia for the last 4 years, not expecting that by the end of 2017 Annette would be one of the number of people experiencing the condition. They are both passionate believers in natural means to rebalance the body and restore it to good health such that this year has been a significant learning curve for both of them. This talk, therefore, is intended not just for those who have the condition, but also for any of their family members and friends who would like to broaden their understanding of it.

The charge is £8.00 per person and pre-booking is required. Should you need to cancel, the fee is refundable up to one week before the talk . Please do get in touch to make any enquiries and we will respond as quickly as possible. Your questions may also be anonymously alluded to in the talk if they can be incorporated within the framework above.

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