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For a good part of my life (I am now in my mid 50s), I struggled with a weight problem. I tried virtually every diet going, but I was unable to find one that really worked. I suffered from a lack of confidence in how I looked and I am fairly certain this added to my weight as I frequently felt the need to ‘boost’ myself in order to feel acceptable, and so food and eating became comfortable companions.

Graham Henry

Based on the media and what I read, I thought the secret to losing weight was to simply just eat less and exercise more, but however much I tried, this didn’t work for me. By the age of 47, my weight had crept up to 18 stone. I felt powerless to change this and feared for my health. Then, in 2009, my life changed. Based on a chance email from Friends Reunited, I contacted Annette, who I had first met as a student in Germany in 1983. This proved to be pivotal, we eventually got married in 2011, and old habits dissipated giving way to new habits. 

I now weigh a healthy 11 stone. This weight loss has not been achieved by blood, sweat and tears, but is a result of an exciting journey which both Annette and I have shared with equal passion over the course of the last few years. In short, we discovered an inspiring and imaginative way of preparing and eating food which is centred around natural, mostly raw ingredients. It has been a revelation to me to find that what I have been unable to achieve through a mechanistic, short-term and ultimately unsustainable diet regime can be resolved through a completely different approach which is vibrant, pleasurable and full of creativity.

Driven by this new passion,  Annette and I feel fortunate to be in a position to hopefully help and support others to move their lives forwards in a positive way and to realise their potential to live a happy, healthy and purposeful life. It is for this reason that this now forms my direction in life, having spent the majority of my earlier career working in the global publishing industry.