Health & Happiness Check

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Although identifying the difficult areas in life can be a most important first step in resolving a health or emotional matter, staying focussed on them is not life-enhancing. Putting attention instead on what we want can drive us forward, and create excitement and optimism. It is always immensely rewarding to work with people who ease or even resolve a health issue through a change in their approach to food, or by becoming more aware of their mind-based stress; not surprisingly, witnessing personal progress is encouraging and empowering for those who undertake it and more often than not, it leads to an ever expanding enjoyment of life and confidence to manage new challenges or accept situations that cannot (yet) be changed. The following, therefore, is a list of questions to plant the seed of optimism and maybe then transition onward to new ideas about what is possible. (Individual words and phrases have been highlighted to guide you more quickly towards those questions which may resonate most with you).

Do you want to experience more energy?

Do you want to see life differently?

Do you want to feel more alive?

Do you want to enjoy food that your body enjoys?

Do you want feel more at ease with things that cannot be changed?

Do you want to look and feel lighter?

Do you want to crave healthy foods?

Do you want more purpose in your life?

Do you want feel more confident?

Do you want to experience more self-compassion?

Do you want to express more creativity?

Do you want to discover who you really are?

We thoroughly enjoy assisting people in their transitions, whether in a small or very significant way,  through natural food, awareness training, or both.